April 28, 2017

Finnair adds volume to Lapland

Lapland is famous for its wide range of winter activities.
Lapland is famous for its wide range of winter activities.
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During the coming winter, Finnair will be adding almost 60 000 seats to its winter capacity in Lapland in comparison to the previous winter season.

Finnair will operate new non-stop flights to airports in Lapland from London, Paris and Zurich during the winter season. On top of this, Finnair will add four weekly flights to Rovaniemi and three weekly flights to Kuusamo from Helsinki between January and March.

The company says it’s growing its capacity due to the continued increase in demand for Lapland as a destination for tourists.

In addition, the daily triangle flight, which has been operated between Helsinki, Ivalo and Kittilä in the afternoon, will now be operated as non-stop flights on both Helsinki-Ivalo and Helsinki-Kittilä routes.

“Lapland has been attracting hundreds of thousands of international tourists every year and the interest continues to grow steadily,” says Juha Järvinen, chief commercial officer at Finnair. “At present, the number one destinations in our network amongst Chinese tourists have been in northern Finland during the winter months. The past winter seasons have been particularly successful and we have increased our winter capacity to Lapland by nearly 140 000 seats over the past four years.”

Lapland is of growing interest for non-Finnish companies, too: earlier this week, Swiss travel company Hotelplan announced it will begin charter flights to Kuusamo next year.