November 30, 2016

Finland enjoys freedom on a global scale

Finland is in the top 10 in the Human Freedom Index.
Finland is in the top 10 in the Human Freedom Index.
Nina Ijäs/Visit Finland

Finland has been ranked ninth out of 159 countries in the Human Freedom Index, the most thorough measurement of people’s freedom across different countries or regions of the world.

The index uses a total of 79 distinct indicators in 12 different areas that cover personal and economic freedom to measure human freedom around the world.

The areas include: ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Security and Safety’, ‘Movement’, ‘Religion’, ‘Association, Assembly and Civil Society’, ‘Expression’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Size of Government’, ‘Legal System and Property Rights’, ‘Access to Sound Money’, ‘Freedom to Trade Internationally’, ‘Regulation of Credit, Labour and Business’.

The five countries scoring highest on the index were Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland and Denmark, with Finland coming in ninth, a slight drop from 2015.

The index suggests a clear correlation between higher per capita income and levels of human freedom (37 147 US dollars in the top quartile compared to 8 700 US dollars in the least-free quartile), as well as with democracy and higher levels of freedom, with Hong Kong being the notable exception.

Findings from the index suggest that freedom plays an important role in human wellbeing.

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