June 9, 2017

Finland celebrates summer and Åland in emojis

Fancy dancing outdoors? Finland can help.
Fancy dancing outdoors? Finland can help.
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Finland has launched six new emojis to its hugely successful country emoji collection, featuring the flag of Åland, Nordic co-operation and the call of summer.

Today, 9 June, is Autonomy Day in Åland, an island located between Sweden and Finland belonging to Finland but with a special autonomy agreement. The island’s blue, yellow and red flag is displayed in one of the new emojis.

Nordic colours are also present in an emoji called Nordic family, as Finland shares culture and a long history with the rest of the Nordic countries.

The rest of the new emojis feature Finland’s national bird the swan, outdoor summer dances known as lavatanssit in Finnish, association and education. Association refers to Finland’s 70 000 cultural and hobby associations, and education points out that every Finn has the same opportunity and right to go to school, and lifelong learning is encouraged.

Finland became the first country in the world to publish its own set of national emojis in December 2015. Last year, a set of summer emojis was added to the selection on the Day of Finnish Identity, and six Arctic emojis were added earlier this year on the Sámi National Day, ahead of Finland’s two-year term as chair of the Arctic Council.

The collection has gathered numerous international awards.

All 62 emojis are now included in the Finland emojis app.

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