March 23, 2015

Piggy Baggy to revolutionise sharing economy

Good News from Finland's Irish intern, Aisling Mc Ginn (left), enjoying the Piggy Baggy service.
Good News from Finland's Irish intern, Aisling Mc Ginn (left), enjoying the Piggy Baggy service.
Good News from Finland

The frequently used expression piggyback lends itself to a whole different meaning with Harri Paloheimo, the founder of the Piggy Baggy service and CEO of Coreorient. This rising business has hit the ground running in crowd sourcing delivery service. This business now employing seven employees, reaches out to businesses, consumers and local authorities in Finland.

“Piggyback is a metaphor used when service is created based on another,” says Paloheimo. “The entire sharing economy is built on the internet. Piggybacking is also about carrying someone on the shoulders and piggy bank for saving some cash for a rainy day. That’s why we decided to name the crowd sourced delivery service Piggy Baggy.”

Piggy Baggy saves time, energy, and pieces together the steps of a crowd sourcing delivery service. The service involves distribution of goods from one location to another through ridesharing: a fast, secure and economical way of transporting goods.

The creation process

The creation of the idea was born from an experience that Paloheimo had himself. The family microwave, which was under guarantee, broke and he had to take two buses and a train in order to return the product and get it repaired. It was at this point that Paloheimo thought there must be an easier way to exchange goods while doing his part for the environment in the process.

Piggy Baggy makes crowd sourcing simple and efficient for everyone.

Piggy Baggy makes crowd sourcing simple and efficient for everyone.

Piggy Baggy Youtube video

In addition to driving and public transport, cycling is a very popular way of commuting around the city and surrounding areas of Helsinki. There’s a strong trend, especially among young people, not want to own cars and therefore Paloheimo spotted the need for a crowd sourced delivery service. Not only would this save time but also money and would be more efficient to the planet. The easy step by step service is not only focusing on the single person but community based organizations and public institutions.

Catering for everybody’s needs

Some elderly, youth or the unemployed are not able to enjoy or reach certain facilities due to logistic or traffic related factors but with Piggy Baggy, effectively bringing anything to your door, there is no need for anyone to worry that they are missing out on knowledge or educational development.

For example library law in Finland allows everyone the right to books wherever they are located and people with reduced mobility are eligible to have the books delivered directly to their doorstep. As it is very costly to the public sector, it has been hard to obtain the service of sending books from the libraries to the homes. Now Piggy Baggy has designed a more cost friendly way of maintaining the service to society.

This year the Piggy Baggy team focuses on partnerships to enable low cost home deliveries of online food groceries and other online purchases.

Expanding worldwide

Coreorient is part of the sharing economy which means shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations.

As part of the European Union growth strategy for the coming decade, Horizon 2020 SMA, Piggy Baggy can scale European market quickly, legally and economically branch out to other business opportunities enabling even more people to enjoy the their service. As one of the 155 SMEs, Piggy Baggy received 50,000 euro in 2014 to finance feasibility studies for their projects.

Looking into the future the peak of global oil production is decreasing and will further disrupt car-dependent societies allowing Piggy Baggy to branch out worldwide and distinguish a global market.

Piggy Baggy is all about ridesharing, bringing not only products to your door but generating a society of efficiency, distribution, business and social connect.

“Join the transport revolution that is Piggy Baggy,” says Paloheimo.

Get a real feel for the Piggy Baggy experience by watching the video linked below:

Text: Aisling Mc Ginn


Editor’s note: Irish interns Robert Dunne and Aisling Mc Ginn from Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Dublin were offered the chance to explore aspects of Finland’s startup culture with the cooperation of Good News from Finland.