December 22, 2017

Five for Friday: Our most popular articles in 2017

It's been a year packed with good news – some more popular than others.
It's been a year packed with good news – some more popular than others.

Just before we shut up shop for the year, let’s take a look back at the notable articles that caught your eyes. From superheroes to insoles, all the way to chocolate, music streaming and pet sitting, a diversity of industries was much appreciated en masse.

Finland’s first superhero movie takes on the world

Although he had prior experience working on commercials and music videos, Jesse Haaja had actually never been on the set of a feature film. That didn’t stop him from rolling cameras on Finland’s first superhero movie, Rendel. Luckily, he was not alone.

“We filmed for 14 weeks, 20 hours a day with a low budget and big challenges; we didn’t sleep or eat,” Haaja recounts. “Luckily, I realised early on that I need to surround myself with people who are more capable than me.”

FootBalance wants to make your step lighter

Finnish insoles manufacturer FootBalance argues that the foundation for our entire bodies – our feet – have been sadly neglected. The company has set out to correct this by making insoles custom-moulded to each user.

“Once you try [the product] you quickly get addicted, and you’ll always want to have that same feeling,” states founder Erkki Hakkala. “So, it’s kind of a drug for your feet, but legal!”

Sweet success for Finland’s little chocolate factory

At Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo, chocolatier Peter Westerlund needs only three ingredients for making his delicacies from scratch: cacao nibs, cane sugar and milk powder. The ecological and handmade bean-to-bar production line gives every bite a unique flavour.

“Chocolate is a fascinating raw material that could be made into anything – the sky is the limit,” he enthuses.

Musicinfo heads downstream in China

Chinese law decrees that in order for music providers to ply their trade, one needs to have a company and all servers in China. To facilitate such access, Musicinfo partnered up with a Chinese company to create a distribution service for independent musicians and record labels.

“We are building a bridge between Asia and the Western countries,” explains CEO Kari Halttunen.

Host My Pet gives pet owners a break

This service sets out to alleviate the concerns of travel-loving pet owners by introducing them to pet sitters. Alongside dog walking, home visits and pet boarding, Host My Pet has ambitious plans: in the future, the service will include things like pet-friendly taxi companies and pet grooming services.

“We don’t want people who only do it for money,” Shevchenko explains. “We want pet sitters to genuinely love animals and have experience in looking after them.”