June 2, 2017

Five for Friday: Digital solutions for schooling

Tech and teaching – two areas where Finland excels – are coming together in new and exciting ways.
Tech and teaching – two areas where Finland excels – are coming together in new and exciting ways.

Finnish enterprises work closely with teachers and researchers, forming an ecosystem that combines pedagogy, technology and business in exceptional ways.

Finnish education’s excellent reputation continues to spread worldwide. What is making the globe sit up and take notice is Finland’s focus on creating stimulating and groundbreaking learning methods and environments that will prepare forthcoming generations for the future world.

A couple of weeks ago, Finnfacts hosted a media visit for Japanese media which highlighted some fresh Finnish educational solutions for digital schools.

Here are five brands worth learning about.


These developers are well aware that knowledge is power, with the famous game-based learning brand now operated by 5 More Minutes.

“The idea behind TeacherGaming was to repackage entertainment games for teaching purposes,” Santeri Koivisto, CEO, told us in 2015. “Learning by reading is an excellent method for children as long as they are inspired. Nevertheless, games can be better for those who lack motivation.”

Moomin language school

We all have a lot to learn from the Moomins. Now they even teach new languages to the smallest of the family via the Moomin Language School – a pedagogical solution for early learning organisations developed by Playvation.

“Our solution is a professional language learning application for daily use,” explains Anu Guttorm, CEO. “No one else offers this wide content when it comes to learning a new language.”


Having already succeeded abroad, this gamification platform is owned by Lentävä liitutaulu, and is all about a new kind of pedagogy that emphasises communality and the versatile use of mobile technology.

“As sitting is the new smoking, we want to use the real mobility of the devices,” Tero Kulha, CTO, stresses. “Seppo is meant for an authentic environment, not just virtual, since all valuable learning happens in human interaction.”


This positive peer communication tool is a new kind of a way to answer the call when it comes down to anti-bullying. Might United’s solution is already reducing stress around the world.

“Sadly, almost every second student globally is bullied at some point in time at school,” states CEO Mervi Pänkäläinen. “Our application reduces this quantity by improving social skills that leads to better self-esteem and ultimately better learning results.”


The education programme itself is a breath of fresh air. Even further, it is bringing together and making available all the great new innovations from every continent to every teacher.

“Lots of wonderful things are happening in schools globally, yet no one knows about them,” says Saku Tuominen, CEO. “Teachers have realised that the world is changing, and therefore are looking for better tools and solutions, whose existence we are promoting.”