November 4, 2016

Five for Friday: Design in the home

Finnish solutions are making an impact all over the place.
Finnish solutions are making an impact all over the place.

If home is where the heart is, then a pinch of Finnish design ensures this space is also pleasant on the eye, comfortable, functional and safe.

How to start a digital wallpaper revolution? How about inviting graffiti artists, surf-wear designers, illustrators, fine artists, tattooists, typographers and fashion designers to contribute designs which are digitally manifested via printing on-demand.

“We’re three ex-advertising people who’d had enough of selling ideas to make children eat chocolate cereal,” says’s Finnish co-founder Anne Puukko. “So we jumped from our day jobs to focus on the things we actually care about – art, big ideas, design, craft, having our socks knocked-off, originality and art [again].”

Elsi Technologies

Encompassing the entire flat and not limiting its interior design, this smart floor is targeted at elderly residents, using sensor technology to identify their location and movements.

“The strong points of the system are automatic alarms and customisation, such as the possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the man-down alarm,” the company told us in 2013. “The system also provides precise information concerning changes in the daily routines of the resident and assists in diagnosing illnesses.”

Capture Design

Spatial design concepts, interior and exterior renderings, and product and catalogue visualisations are the order of the day for this company, via its photorealistic 3D renderings.

“We combine interior design and digital technology in a way that the end result looks like a real photo,” founder Marina Smirnova told us in 2014. “People can’t usually differentiate between a photo and our 3D rendering.”

Vivid Works

Housed in a similar domain, users of this platform can experiment with different pieces of furniture in different locations around a home via a 3D visualisation of furniture in an interior environment.

“Our main customers are in the furniture industry,” says the company’s chief operating officer Jorma Palo. “These are both manufacturers and retailers. In Finland we have all the major chains and in Sweden we have companies like EM.”


Combining traditional craftsman quality with modern affordability, this company provides high-quality made-to-order doors and handles to fit Ikea cabinet frames.

“We want to make design more democratic,” states founder Sebastian Schauman. “A beautiful home should not depend on the thickness of your wallet.”