December 16, 2016

Five for Friday: Best funding rounds for 2016

Whilst money might not grow on trees, a sprinkling of investment inevitably results in flourishing growth for startups.
Whilst money might not grow on trees, a sprinkling of investment inevitably results in flourishing growth for startups.

It’s been a big year for fundraising here up north. Wondering who’s attracted the most coin? This week we take a peek at the companies in question.

M-Files – EUR 33 million

Back in March, this Tampere-based enterprise information management company secured a hefty capital investment, one of the largest investments ever in a Finnish growth company in the early phase of growth.

The principal investor was French company Partech Ventures, whose general partner Bruno Crémel believes that M-Files’ technological vision will revolutionise the information management software market.

Alphasense – USD 33 million

This Finnish financial search engine secured a pretty penny from a group of investors back in March.

“The company is uniquely positioned to completely revolutionise how knowledge professionals work, proven by its success to date with financial services firms and major corporations,” stated Brian Hirsch, co-founder of Tribeca Venture Partners, one of the investors backing the enterprise. – EUR 19 million

With a chunky financial boost coming just as the year was drawing to a close, this US-based company with Finnish roots is set to go to the second-hand clothing stratosphere.

“There’s a staggering amount of unused, pre-owned merchandise with an estimated value of more than 100 billion dollars annually,” company CEO & co-founder Juha Koponen commented.

Verto Analytics – USD 16.1 million

What better way for this online analytics company to expand its horizons, than to do so with a huge capital injection.

“The media landscape has become increasingly complex with consumers accessing content across multiple screens and devices,” stated Henrik Landgren, partner at EQT Ventures. “Verto has deep expertise in cross-device audience measurement, and provides the most compelling solution for publishers, brands and advertisers to more effectively measure today’s consumer.”

Next Games, Wolt, Jolla, KNL Networks – EUR 10 million each

Rounding out the top five Finnish money magnets in 2016, the quartet of mobile games developer Next Games, food delivery service Wolt, open mobile operating system Sailfish OS developer Jolla and “Internet Anywhere” technology pioneer KNL Networks each landed funding rounds of 10 million euros.