October 6, 2017

Five for Friday: Beauty and health from nature

Beauty is natural in Finland.
Beauty is natural in Finland.

Beauty may be only skin deep, but the Finnish connection with nature has even deeper roots.

What better way to put your face on or hydrate your skin than by using natural ingredients in deliciously fresh, nature-inspired forms? These innovative solutions harness and transform the splendour of Finnish woods and tasty flavours of forest berries into healthy cosmetic products.

These five companies are here to make you feel fresh as a wild Finnish cloudberry – and are ready to be globally applied.


Cooperating with the Technical Reseach Center of Finland (VTT), Lumene was the first in the world to launch Arctic cloudberry stem cell technology. Lumene also began a WaterSmart programme to reduce their water footprint and by-products from other industries are used to minimise waste, with a philosophy of transmitting the Arctic glow to its customers in a responsible way.

“We have long-term experience in combining the active ingredients offered by wild Arctic nature with advanced science to create efficient skincare products,” described president and CEO Tapio Pajuharju in 2014. “Our raw materials include, among other things, Finnish berries, such as the Arctic blueberry, Arctic lingonberry and fresh, pure spring water.”


Berries are the source of innovation for this firm. Focused on skin and hair care, professional medical cosmetics products are made with the goal of using natural Finnish materials. Their beauty products are also eco-friendly.

“The composition of berry seed oils contains omega fatty acids and natural vitamin E, which are beneficial for skin,” explains Santtu Linnavirta, quality manager. “Berries contain natural vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Berries are skin conditioning and skin soothing ingredients. They have antioxidant, anti-inflammation and antimicrobial effects.”

Forest of Lapland

This firm specialises in extracting raw materials and minerals from trees, berries and plants from Lapland’s forests without hard chemicals, responding to a worldwide appeal to replace synthetic chemicals with natural ones.

“The plants of the northern forest contain much more polyphenols, anthocyans and other antioxidants than the same plants when they grow in the south. This is due to the midnight sun,” describes CEO Antti Kuivalainen. “We wanted to develop a technology to extract the effective compound fro the plants without hard chemicals.”


You may be prepared to put berry minerals on your skin – but have you considered wood? After wild Finnish forests are harvested and processed, this firm utilises the industry’s side products, which contain valuable bio-compounds, modifying them to biodegradable ingredients.

“I have always loved nature, and the clean organic Finnish forest has been close to my heart,” founder and CEO Sami Selkälä explains. “We want to offer ingredients with high ethical acceptance and that are based on renewable materials and can be produced even in larger scales.”

Repolar Pharmaceuticals

Letting nature treat the skin can also be the solution for more difficult scenarios. The idea of this medical company is to harness the natural strength and healing properties from spruce resin. Its products can be used for treating wounds, burns and some infections.

“Nature-based products are seen positively around the world, but the challenge is their varying quality. Some work, some do not. This is why we emphasise scientific research,” explained CEO Miikka Jokinen in 2015.