January 26, 2018

Five for Friday: Travel industry

Finnish companies are making a name for themselves by helping globetrotters get most out of their journeys.
Finnish companies are making a name for themselves by helping globetrotters get most out of their journeys.

The Finnish travel industry continues to bloom, fuelled by strong actors offering high quality, efficient and innovative experiences to both business and leisure travellers.

As we reported last week, the leading travel fair in Northern Europe was recently held in Helsinki. Our very own Finnfacts hosted a media tour alongside the event, where foreign journalists learned about various Finnish travel solutions, together with fresh lifestyle innovations.

And so, here are five companies that are there for you, whenever you are heading abroad – especially to Finland.


This up-and-coming company focusses on temporary accommodation solutions and relocation services for businesses and individual travellers. Now, after partnering up with Airbnb, the company is aiming even higher.

“By the end of 2020, our ambitious goal is to be the leading accommodation service provider in Northern Europe,” sales manager Krista Vihermaa reveals.


Having carved out a significant niche in the market by offering the shortest flights between Europe and Asia, Finland’s national carrier has reached the big time! The company has announced new routes to top European destinations and Lapland, as well as a co-operation with Deutsche Bahn. The company was also the first airline in Europe to enable payments with WeChat Pay.

“We have been building Helsinki as a hub between Asia and Europe for some 20 years already,” states director of media relations, Päivyt Tallqvist. “At the moment, we are going through the fastest growth phase in our history.”

Port of Helsinki

Finland’s leading general port for international cargo traffic has also grown into Europe’s busiest passenger port. With its new West Terminal 2, Port of Helsinki has responded to growing demand by significantly increasing its capacity, as frequent ship connections make it possible for Helsinki and Tallinn to operate as twin cities.

“When it comes to growth, we find co-operation between ports more fruitful than competition,” director of communications Eeva Hietanen explains. “Also, check-in is more automated than ever, as traffic needs to go smoothly.”

Kämp Collection Hotels

This blue chip company is a group of individual Finnish hotels that promote luxury and lifestyle. These include the lion’s share of the most reputable hotels and restaurants in Helsinki.

“This is an interaction business,” says Mirkku Kullberg, business and creative director of Hotel St. George. “It is not a question of accommodations, it is all about experiences.”

World of Tre

Part of the charm of visiting Finland is marvelling at the world-renowned design, be it architecture, clothing or items around the home. Visitors can also take their own piece of Finnishness back home with them, thanks to this one-stop shop that is the world’s largest retailer of Finnish design, with 300 brands in stock.

“We are now expanding overseas with the intention of promoting Finnish lifestyle with local producers,” tells chief financial officer Henni Kinnunen. “Our subsidiaries, such as in South Korea, reflect our values, which are good design, beauty, sustainability and transparency.