October 13, 2017

Five for Friday: Pet-friendly solutions

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. So too do the various animal welfare ideas from Finland.
Pets come in all shapes and sizes. So too do the various animal welfare ideas from Finland.

Animal-lovers will adore today’s five initiatives: healthier pet food, a wildlife conservation NGO and more.

Are you planning a holiday and dreaming of an Airbnb for pets? Perhaps you’re working hard for a healthier lifestyle and wish you could do the same for your furry companions? Some of the following ideas are tech-driven innovations to make it easier for you to care for your pets.

Other initiatives have sought to promote animal welfare by training dogs for law enforcement and other organisations, and a biotech firm is working to stop animal diseases from spreading.

Here are five ideas striving for an animal-friendlier world.

FIT Biotech

With an aim to secure health and safety for animals globally, Finnish company FIT Biotech began to collaborate with Chinese Qyh Biotech Company. The firm focuses on innovative antibody gene delivery technology and vaccines for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

“I am convinced that our partnership with FIT Biotech will present a significant turning point in our fight against animal diseases in China, both in terms of prevention and treatment,” described Qyh’s general director Dechao Qin in 2015.

Team Rokka

This NGO trains dogs for organisations and law-enforcement operations, focusing on wildlife conservation in Africa. Operational domestically and internationally, Rokka is run by professionals from both the public and private sectors.

“Since I was a kid my biggest passion has been helping animals”, says founder Toni Lahtinen in 2015. “When I was in the police I asked to use more time for animal welfare inspections and cruelty investigations, as well as networking between other animal welfare authorities and NGOs.”


Changing your life to a healthier direction but finding it difficult to do the same for your pet pals? Mush wants you to feed your pets BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food/Bones And Raw Food), which contains natural nutrients, good bacteria and enzymes. Yum!

“We are imitating the food that dogs have been eating the last 30 000 years and what a canine would eat by instinct, if it was living in the wild,” described brand manager and marketing director Petri Tapio in 2014.

Host My Pet

Already preparing your winter holiday or need a break from dog-walking? This app connects pet owners with pet-sitters – over holidays, a few hours or just for a walk. Perfect for pet owners and animal-lovers who can’t yet commit to a pet full-time. Your furry friend is only a few clicks away!

“I know it can be such a struggle for pet owners to find someone reliable to look after their pet, and I thought this would be a perfect solution”, co-founder Julia Shevchenko described this summer.


The PetID produced by this company digitalises pet information, connecting your pet’s collar to a cloud service. The initiative aims to facilitate those stressful visits to the vet, help you find your lost pet as well as let you monitor the eating and daily habits of your pet.

“There are so many programs and initiatives around citizens’ care … but no solution for pets; only the traditional engraved tags,” describes founder and board chairman Alireza Hasanpour. “So, we are first in the market.”