August 24, 2018

Five for Friday: Games

Games are a way of life for Finnish developers.
Games are a way of life for Finnish developers.

Finland is synonymous with its thriving games scene. Here are five more reasons why.

The likes of Max Payne, Angry Birds and Supercell made the world sit up and pay attention to the Finnish games scene. This quintet is ensuring interest remains high.

Psyon Games

After gaining worldwide fame with its Trump vs. Science, this game studio set out to sway those who don’t believe in vaccinations. According to founder and CEO Olli Rundgren its approach is all about learning by entertainment.

“Games are superior to any other form of advertising because of their high level of engagement,” he told us. “If they’re used to educate and inform people, the impact can be huge.”

Small Giant Games

41 million US dollars is big bucks, no matter which way you look at it. Thanks to its runaway hit, Empires & Puzzles, big things are happening to this Small Giant – 41 million US dollars’ worth of big things.

“The strong, data-driven entrepreneurial team had a clear vision of what it wanted to achieve, and it’s delivering on that,” Lars Jörnow, partner at EQT Ventures, stated earlier this year. “Small Giant Games has achieved great traction and is determined to become a global winner.”


Despite having zero experience in the field, the Kangaspeska sisters decided to go for their mobile game idea anyway – and the resultant rat and city-saving antics of Rathamn City soon won them fans both in Finland and abroad. The collaborative nature of the local games scene also played a part.

“The atmosphere and team spirit are really good in the field of gaming,” Lina Kangaspeska said. “Others aren’t seen as competitors, as we all want to see Finnish games do better and better.”

Iceflake Studios

Although at first glance this studio’s ice fishing game, Ice Lakes, may seem to be something of a niche title, it has managed to attract some widespread interest.

“There have been lots of players from more exotic locations, like Japan, China, Spain and Brazil,” CEO Lasse Liljedahl said in 2015. “We didn’t expect it would be so successful. It’s fun to see that some players know how to do ice fishing, even though there is no ice or snow in wintertime in their area.”

Seepia Games

When we caught up with the company in 2016, they were best known for Permia – Duels. Now, with a Pomenia-themed app set to drop soon on the App Store, this may very well change.

“We want to be a games studio that our customers can rely on with the content we provide,” CEO Jani Tietäväinen stated. “What is common with our games is that they are always a little different than other products on the market. We are not producing a direct copy of trending games.”