February 2, 2018

Five for Friday: Alcoholic beverages

Finnish flavours are making a global impact.
Finnish flavours are making a global impact.

These Finnish producers are pioneering a push towards uncharted alcoholic waters.

The news this week that microbrewery Tornio Panimo is broadening its focus to gin and rum reminded us that a lot has happened since we gathered together five Finnish beer flavours and innovations – not to mention spirits.

And so, behold another five examples of fine Finnish flavours.

One Eyed Spirits

Looking for some beverage inspiration? Look no further than One Eyed Spirits, whose idea is to add that little something to spice up a drink’s brand. Tom of Finland-themed vodka and Ron de Jeremy are but some of what’s on offer.

“Our goal is that within the next few years, we’ll have a small but intriguing portfolio of spirits,” Hietalahti told us last year. “We’re always open to interesting ideas and collaborations.”

Interest globally is set to be piqued even more, after Ron de Jeremy was recently named one of the top 10 trending rums in the world by Drinks International.


Starting out as restaurant back in the mid-1990s, before successfully commencing brewing a range of tasty beers, this Finnish institution has also started producing its own gin.

“We knowingly aim for the international market,” Anssi Pyysing explained last March. “The interest in microbreweries has been growing for a while now, and the same is happening with micro distilleries, so we’re confident there’s room for us in the market.”


After stumbling across a recipe that combined Finnish mulled wine glögi and sparkling wine, Juha-Matti and Anette Raunio decided to spice up their evening shindig with friends by raising this different kind of toast. The idea for a ready-made combo was born.

“Glöet blends Finnish design and innovation with Spanish tradition and skills in wine making,” Anette stated last year.

Not content with conjuring up a drink for the cosy months, Glöet has also added Glöet White, a sunny blend of cava and sangria, to the mix.

Shaman Spirits

This factory-size boutique distillery owns some of the most exciting brands breaking through on the luxury alcohol scene, including Laplandia vodka. The special ingredient?

“The UN rates Finland’s drinking water among the best in the world, and our water in Tyrnävä is particularly clean even by Finnish standards,” Ilpo Sulkala, CEO and partner stated last October. “Hence one could argue our vodka is made from one of the cleanest water sources in the whole world.”


When does a hobby become a business? When it involves the introduction of flavoursome wine varieties to a thirsty clientele. Raspberry, cloudberry, bilberry – even beetroot – are bottled in new ways, offering yet another display of originality from up north.

“We are putting Finland on the world map of wine,” Paola Guerrero de Cohen told Good News from Finland last May. “We believe we have something special.”