IN PICTURES: The weekend wrap

February 22, 2019

Take a look at the past seven days in entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Five for Friday: TV series

February 22, 2019

Kick back, relax and check out what’s up on the small screen from Finland.

Yeply switches gears for bicycle servicing

February 20, 2019

Don’t have time to service your bicycle? A new Finnish mobile bike repair shop brings the service to your doorstep.

Emmy makes second-hand your first choice

February 19, 2019

Finland-based Emmy functions like a flea market, but with no fleas. It’s not only an online marketplace for second-hand fashion, but also a way for brands to prove their commitment to durability.

IN PICTURES: The weekend wrap

February 15, 2019

Take a look at the past seven days in entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Five for Friday: New airline routes to Finland

February 15, 2019

The tourism business is booming in Finland, with this quintet on board and set to take off.

Finnish mobility training stick woos NBA and NHL

February 13, 2019

Bye-bye back pain and stiff necks. Finnish sports technology company TE3 has transformed the old faithful exercise stick, using data and artificial intelligence, into a personal mobility trainer.

It’s all in the sauce for Jävla Sås Bolag

February 12, 2019

How many ingredients does it take to make excellent ketchup? Kaius Gestranius set out to discover for himself. The end result: not one too many.

Five for Friday: Solutions with water

February 8, 2019

Whether it’s bottling, purifying, filtering, monitoring or capturing energy, Finnish companies have a taste for water-related innovations.

Verso Design makes beauty functional

February 6, 2019

This Finnish family company produces household items that make everyday life easier and prettier – so, overall, happier – whilst making them all long-lasting in terms of style, quality and sustainability.

SuperPark spreads the joy of movement worldwide

February 5, 2019

This Finnish company’s chain of indoor activity parks, designed for people of all ages, is now quickly expanding to new markets.