November 29, 2017

Eazybreak signs deal with Sodexo

Antti Känsälä, CEO of Eazybreak, is excited about the recent developments.
Antti Känsälä, CEO of Eazybreak, is excited about the recent developments.

Finnish Eazybreak and global employee benefits provider Sodexo Benefits & Rewards have signed a license agreement regarding Eazybreak’s digital platform.

Eazybreak and Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services aim to globalise the mobile payment, administration and invoicing platform of employee benefits. Eazybreak’s solution works with all aspects the benefits, which can include meal, sport, culture and commute passes.

“The digital solution developed by Eazybreak is globally unique, because it’s really user-friendly and creates savings for every party of the employee benefits chain,” says Fredrik Öhrn, Nordic CEO of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services. “Together with Eazybreak, we are going to accelerate driving operational excellence in the payment and administration of employee benefits outside Finland as well.”

The contract opens the doors for Finnish innovation to the 36 countries where Sodexo operates its benefits and rewards services business.

“The co-operation with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards will offer our company a lot of international knowhow and knowledge, which offers an advantage to our Finnish clients as well,” tells Antti Känsälä, CEO of Eazybreak. “Our goal is to speed up the innovation process considering employee benefits and payment.”

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards will become the minor stakeholder of Eazybreak, which continues as an independent company and its headquarters will remain in Helsinki.