September 6, 2016

Chinese prospects freshen for Air0

A breath of fresh air for China. Having sought a distributor for the past two years, the contract represents a significant stepping stone for Air0 to the Chinese market. TomasSereda

Finnish air quality company Air0 has inked an indoor air purifier distribution contract with Beijing Residence Science and Technology Development (BRSTD).

The inaugural deal is worth several hundreds of thousands of euros and was reported by Cleantech Finland.

Specialising in air purifiers, the Helsinki-based company has sought a Chinese distributor for the past two years.

“We are very proud of the contract with BRSTD because it opened business for us, and shows that with quality, technological advantage and design, it is possible to succeed in the Chinese market,” explains Air0 CEO Valle Kulmala.

Kulmala points out that the wooden Air0 purifiers are also the first design-focused indoor air purifiers on the market. The CEO also tips his hat to Cleantech Finland’s Beautiful Beijing Growth Program, through which the company met its new distributor.