Nokia lays down foundation for future Internet

June 15, 2017

Nokia has introduced its breakthrough IP routing portfolio that promises to be the foundation for the ‘next chapter’ of the Internet, including Internet of Things (IoT). The Finnish telecommunications company also sparks up partnerships around the world.


Nokia extends ultra-broadband access in China

June 13, 2017

Nokia is collaborating with China Mobile to deploy millions of home gateways across 29 provinces in China, in order to provide residential customers access to ultra-broadband and intelligent home services.


Nokia and Apple settle and look ahead together

May 23, 2017

Nokia and Apple have settled all litigation regarding their intellectual property disputes, and have agreed on a multi-year patent license and business collaboration.


Nokia’s international network grows

May 4, 2017

Nokia is to play a key role in T-Mobile’s plans to launch 5G nationwide in the US, with the Finnish telecommunications company also looking to enhance pilgrimage experiences in Saudi Arabia, develop a digital city in China and expand network coverage in Greece.


Nokia wins a huge deal in Mexico

March 31, 2017

Nokia has been selected by ALTÁN Redes to design, build and manage a nationwide LTE wholesale network in Mexico.


Comptel bags a triple million deal in South America

March 22, 2017

Finnish software company Comptel has landed a multi-million deal from a new customer, which includes FlowOne Fulfillment licenses and related services.


Big deals for Nokia in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Vietnam

March 8, 2017

Nokia is collaborating with Saudi Telekom Company (STC) on the development of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), has inked a five-year deal with Russian communications and technology company, VimpelCom, and is supplying a transport network in Vietnam.


UROS and iBasis connect the hotspots

March 1, 2017

Finnish roaming solutions provider UROS and telecommunications company iBasis have teamed up to be the first to remotely offer a user subscription for connected mobile devices.


Comptel bags a big deal for its FWD

February 23, 2017

Comptel Corporation won a new customer, referred to as “a major prepaid operator in APAC”, for its digital sales channel solution FWD.


Nokia news: Comptel acquisition and Japanese deal

February 9, 2017

Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia has announced plans to acquire Comptel, and has also inked a deal with Energia Communications in Japan.


Nokia and Orange Group connect for 5G

January 31, 2017

Nokia along with telecommunications giant the Orange Group have begun a collaboration to develop the infrastructure and services applicable with the eventual arrival of the 5G network.