Puzzlephone users repair their own phones

August 4, 2015

After working in Spain for 15 years in a number of technology companies, Alejandro Santacreu wished to create something new. Before that could happen, however, he had to move to Finland. What resulted is the Puzzlephone, Finland’s, and possibly the world’s, first modular phone.


Jolla is shipping Sailfish OS to India through major deal

July 17, 2015

Finnish startup Jolla has struck a major deal with India’s second largest smartphone vendor Intex Technologies to produce a smartphone using Jolla’s operation system Sailfish OS. Intex is the first smartphone maker to license Jolla’s operating system. The first gadgets are expected in late 2015.


Nokia to return to the mobile phone market in 2016?

June 23, 2015

Nokia, once the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, plans to start designing and licensing mobile phones again once an agreement with partner Microsoft allows it to in 2016, Nokia’s chief executive Rajeev Suri told Germany’s Manager Magazin.


Elektrobit wins EUR 19.5 million contract in Mexico

May 5, 2015

Finnish company Elektrobit Wireless Communications (EB), a subsidiary of Elektrobit Corporation, has signed a 19.5 million-euro agreement with the Ministry of Mexican Communication and Transportation (Secreteria de Comunicaciones y Transportes, SCT).


Tecnotree expands in South Africa

April 29, 2015

Finnish telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree is expanding the call completion and IVR platform of South African mobile network operator Cell C.


Finns use the most mobile data in world

March 13, 2015

Finland uses the most mobile data per person in the world according to a study by research firm tEfficient. The average Finnish SIM utilised 2.4 GB per month last year.


Finnish app Wimble helps manage time

June 26, 2014

The startup company Mekiwi, which has its roots in Oulu, is presently developing the smart Wimble mobile app designed to encourage its users to better manage their time. Users can use the service to combine their timetables and daily tasks into a manageable whole – use their calendars, write, record sound or take photos of notes and make lists of tasks.


Finns develop easy-to-use smartphone

June 19, 2014

Zilta, which operates in Ireland, is launching a new smartphone geared especially towards people just learning how to use one. The company’s co-founders are the Finns Jukka Kekäläinen and Lari Numminen.


Finnish charger excites global mobile phone giants

June 17, 2014

Oulu just might be home to a future worldwide hit: engineer Asmo Saloranta has developed a mobile phone charger that only consumes electricity when a phone is plugged into it. No more worrying about forgetting to unplug the charger from the electrical socket after the phone has been charged, as it does not consume any energy once the phone has been disconnected.