Finnish startup develops smart mobility concept in Ireland

August 19, 2016

​Vinka, a smart mobility startup from Finland and Ireland-based taxi company Xpert Taxis are to develop new transportation concepts based on automatic ride sharing.

Invesdor remains bullish about UK crowdfunding

August 11, 2016

Finnish crowdfunding platform Invesdor has established a branch in London.


Digibarometer: Finland leads the way in digitalisation

June 16, 2016

Finland has been ranked first in the degree of digitalisation in a recent Digibarometer 2016 survey.

Zervant signs multi-million euro deal with ING Belgium

June 3, 2016

The deal between Zervant, a Finnish fintech startup offering e-invoicing services, and ING Belgium, one of Europe’s banking sector giants, boosts the Finnish startup’s expansion plans.

Finnish youth business courses turn into export products

May 26, 2016

A business course module created in Finland is heading to Finnish and Swedish upper secondary schools. From there it will move on to Asia and Africa, if not further afield.

Moni revolutionises mobile consumer finance

May 13, 2016

Finnish startup Moni has created an innovative service so people can manage their finances on mobile devices.

Finnish programmers use open data to track city bikes

May 11, 2016

Finnish programmers developed apps from open data to help Helsinki city dwellers to keep track of city bikes.

Finns to develop Australia’s smart mobility systems

May 6, 2016

Mobility as a Service Australia and MaaS Finland have signed a partnership agreement to explore opportunities to bring Finnish innovation to Australia.

Zervant most promising fintech startup in the Nordics

April 25, 2016

Finland-based fintech startup Zervant has been chosen as the most promising fintech startup in the Nordic countries.

Zervant’s e-invoicing service to cover whole of Europe

March 2, 2016

The Finnish startup Zervant intends to make its e-invoicing service available to all European small-sized companies.

Invesdor to launch its crowdfunding service in Norway

February 26, 2016

Finland’s Invesdor is opening up the first ever equity-based crowdfunding channel in Norway.