Solita sets up shop in Tallinn

November 22, 2017

Digital business consulting company Solita continues its internationalisation by opening a new office in Tallinn, Estonia.


Arcusys digitalises Swedish teacher education

October 27, 2017

Finnish IT company Arcusys has won a substantial bid from the Swedish National Agency for Education, Skolverket. The company’s digital learning platform Valamis will act as the base for teacher and principal education in Sweden.

VTT and Hydroline smarten-up products business

October 26, 2017

Finland’s leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Hydroline is picking the brains of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, to develop networked and intelligent products that transition Hydroline from a product-centric to a service-based business model.


Nitor opens door in Sweden

October 23, 2017

Finnish digital engineering company Nitor continues to expand in the Nordics with its first Swedish business unit and an office in Stockholm.


VTT and UpCode brew digital into beer

September 15, 2017

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Finnish company Upcode have collaborated to introduce sensors and functional inks to consumer goods.


Digitalist Group jumps to Sweden

July 7, 2017

Finnish Digitalist Group has signed an agreement to acquire NodeOne Group, the Swedish parent company of Wunderkraut Sweden.


Digital Workforce to expand and accelerate

January 25, 2017

Finnish robotic process automation (RPA) growth company Digital Workforce has received a two million-euro investment boost.


Administer starts global expansion in Sweden

November 8, 2016

Fast growing electronic financial management firm Administer has branched out to Stockholm, Sweden, as it looks to expand operations beyond Finland.


Trip Republic makes travel more personal

August 24, 2016

These days, organising a journey abroad yourself is more possible than ever before. Now it’s time to cut down the time it takes to do so.


Finnish startup develops smart mobility concept in Ireland

August 19, 2016

​Vinka, a smart mobility startup from Finland and Ireland-based taxi company Xpert Taxis are to develop new transportation concepts based on automatic ride sharing.


Invesdor remains bullish about UK crowdfunding

August 11, 2016

Finnish crowdfunding platform Invesdor has established a branch in London.