Finnish Necorpoint partners with TRENDONE

June 16, 2017

The partnership with German TRENDONE’s benefits the users of Necorpoint’s strategic management software FIBRES.

International brands go along with IVALO

June 14, 2017

As of this month, Finnish fashion app IVALO has started to launch international brands in its offering, which will kick-start the company’s global conquest.

Kieku makes some noise for thought

June 14, 2017

This independent media startup has launched a new kind of audio listening service: a YouTube for podcasts.

Zadaa moves fashion now in Denmark

June 8, 2017

Finnish mobile app Zadaa has launched in Denmark and has gotten various bloggers and fashion influencers on board to promote its service.

Bookit crosses pond to Sweden

June 8, 2017

Finnish mobile technology company Bookit has announced it’ll open an office in the Swedish capital Stockholm, alongside its ongoing pilots in continental Europe.

Vincit goes digital in California

June 7, 2017

Finnish software company Vincit has bought XTOPOLY digital agency, based in Silicon Valley, California, for an undisclosed amount.

Comptel gets busy with customers overseas

June 1, 2017

Finnish software company Comptel has announced a significant order from a Saudi Arabian customer, as well as a new customer from Australia.

Jamifind is the missing link for musicians

May 29, 2017

Looking for a band or bandmate? This Finnish startup has a playful solution.

Enterprise Estonia banks on Holvi

May 26, 2017

Estonia’s e-Residency programme is to provide digital banking for its successful applicants, thanks to Finnish fintech company Holvi.

High expectations for Lyyti in Paris

May 25, 2017

Finnish event management company Lyyti has opened an office in the French capital, as the company looks to take on international markets.

Enoro fuels the Baltic gas market

May 11, 2017

Finnish software company Enoro has been chosen to deliver a regional trading platform for the Baltic gas markets.