TinyApp aims to take Finnish early education practices worldwide

January 17, 2017

A new Finnish company builds private social networks to ease the communication strain on day cares and nurseries. But this is only the first step.

Zadaa gathers EUR 600K and heads abroad

January 16, 2017

Digital Fabric, the company behind the fashion app Zadaa, will launch its service in Sweden in February, and Denmark’s turn is in April.

Underhood gets to grips with your online reputation

December 19, 2016

Using an innovative, automated system, Underhood helps companies and brands to get a handle on their social media efforts.

Kokoa Agency wins award in Malaysia

December 8, 2016

Finnish educational startup Kokoa Agency has been bestowed with the Education Innovation Award at BETT Asia.

SPOT-A-SHOP takes the sweat out of sales shopping

December 5, 2016

Even online, sales shopping can be a chore, as you never know which site has reduced the price of your desired coat the most. Finnish SPOT-A-SHOP has solved the problem by doing exactly what is says on the tin: spotting the shop on behalf of the shopper.

Vaadin looks to bright future abroad

November 29, 2016

Finnish open source web application development tools developer Vaadin has landed a five million-euro investment from Norwegian Verdane Capital.

Finnish Next Level makes bodies move globally

November 28, 2016

The aim of Elonhakkuu’s bodyweight training app is to make users learn new physical skills, including those they didn’t think were possible.

Intopalo wants to make digitalisation and VR everyone’s business

November 22, 2016

Digitalisation is shaking up industries from media and entertainment to banking and manufacturing. This is where Finnish software house Intopalo has found its niche helping industrial companies embrace an increasingly digital future.

Honda renews Ixonos deal for over EUR 1 million

November 16, 2016

The continuation agreement revolves around the Honda App Center, which is a cloud-based in-car digital content store that Ixonos develops and runs for Honda.

Finnish startup saves food even further

November 16, 2016

ResQ Club has launched today in Germany, starting in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, and earlier this week the company commenced operations in Malaysia.

Finnish Heeros is Europe’s first to go public

November 10, 2016

Trading in Heeros shares has commenced on the Nasdaq First North Helsinki, after the Finnish company raised 3.4 million euros on the Invesdor crowdfunding platform with its IPO.