Inventshift: the story of a young social enterprise

October 18, 2017

After completing Aaltoes’ Kiuas accelerator programme and winning the Crowd Favourite Award, the future is looking crowded for this startup duo.

Kyyti Group about to launch Transit App in the US

October 10, 2017

Finnish Kyyti Group has partnered up with US-based DemandTrans to make transport even more convenient with their joint Switch Transit App soon to be launched in the US.

Nuage Networks wins big in China

October 6, 2017

Nokia’s Nuage Networks has announced its first SDN-based enterprise project win in China with China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC).

SPOT-A-SHOP jumps into new shoes

October 5, 2017

Finnish online fashion sales platform SPOT-A-SHOP has entered Sweden and Poland with a fresh million-euro funding.

Stairforce takes it one successful step at a time

October 4, 2017

Next time you are about to step into an elevator, this Finnish company would like you to consider taking the stairs to the stars.

Claned enters partnership with eLC in Singapore

September 27, 2017

Known for its personalised learning platform Claned, Finnish Claned Group has gained a foothold in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region by forming a partnership with Singaporean education technology company eLC.

Basware wins new customers across pond

September 27, 2017

E-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions provider Basware has signed two major customer deals in the United States.

Buying something abroad? Thank XMLdation

September 27, 2017

This Finnish company acts as a bridge between startup fintechs and established banks, making sure our modern payment system works as advertised.

MaaS Global in driver’s seat for transport revolution

September 26, 2017

This Finnish company is not only building an entirely new transportation service – it aims to radically change the way we get around.

Kokoa sets new standard for global digital learning

September 25, 2017

Digital learning tools are taking over homes and schools, but there are no guarantees of their quality. This is about to change.

Lyyti puts event management in order

September 19, 2017

Behind closed doors event management is often a jungle of emails, spreadsheets and last-minute changes. Finnish company Lyyti has made its mission to bring order to this chaos.