Finnish expertise sought for ESA nanosatellite

June 15, 2018

Finnish company Reaktor Space Lab and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are involved in a European Space Agency (ESA) project to investigate a new frequency band for future telecommunication satellites.

Qt and Emergo speed up medical device approvals

June 7, 2018

Finnish software company Qt has partnered with global medical device regulatory consulting firm Emergo to accelerate the time-to-market of medical devices manufactured by Qt’s clients.

VitalSignum connects your phone with your heart

June 5, 2018

Born from a personal need, the Finnish Beat2Phone electrocardiogram (ECG) device and app has brought heart monitoring to the next level.

Finnish diagnostics solutions scan new markets

May 24, 2018

Finnish biotechnology company Medicortex has signed an agreement with Canadian Pro-Lab Diagnostics, while Nexstim has agreed to deliver its first Navigated Brain Therapy system to a private practice in New York.

Imagine establishes European operations in Finland

May 23, 2018

Australian intelligent materials company Imagine has chosen Finland as the location of its R&D-oriented European head office.

BC Platforms teams up with Sentieon

May 14, 2018

US company Sentieon will integrate its NGS data processing software into BC Platform’s genomics and clinical data solutions to enable precision clinical work on a population scale.

ZOAN is in the zone in VR

May 8, 2018

Helsinki-headquartered ZOAN has been involved in some of the most ambitious virtual reality projects in Finland.

Spektikor signals a change for emergencies

May 7, 2018

Designed for mass casualty situations and hazardous environments, these disposable heart rate monitors provide real-time patient assessment.

Rakka creates all-round immersive stories with VR

April 25, 2018

Rakka Creative, a startup founded in Tampere in 2015, uses virtual reality and 360-degree video to create immersive, personal and emotionally captivating audiovisual experiences.

Sleep easy – Valpas squashes the bedbug problem

April 18, 2018

Finnish startup Valpas has found a novel way to prevent bedbugs from contaminating hotel rooms, and is now setting its sight on beds worldwide.

Valossa becomes Avid Alliance Partner

April 12, 2018

Finnish video recognition and intelligence company Valossa has joined the partnership program of US-based technology and multimedia company Avid Technology.