Finland to offer pioneering cancer treatment

August 21, 2017

Finnish hospital HYKS and American company Neutron Therapeutics are bringing a new cancer treatment to the international market.

Sanako squeezes language labs into pocket devices

August 21, 2017

Teaching a language by the book is good for reading and writing, but on the streets it’s all about spoken words. Finnish Sanako wants to help language learners listen and speak.

Basware partners with Nordea

August 11, 2017

Finnish e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions provider Basware has entered into a strategic partnership with Nordea Bank to deliver a dynamic discounting solution in the Nordic countries.


Finnish innovation gains momentum in China

August 11, 2017

Tampere-based Hermia Business Development and Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, have teamed up to bring Finnish innovation and tech know-how to China. The strategic partnership will also see the latter open its third global Overseas Station in Tampere, Finland.

Bradken cashes in with Basware cloud

August 10, 2017

Finnish software company Basware – providing networked purchase-to-pay solutions – has announced its customer Bradken is moving to Basware’s cloud-based purchase-to-pay service and extending its use to multiple countries.

Appchieve it or it didn’t happen

August 8, 2017

The new Finnish app for sharing experiences started as the idea of a bored young man who decided to create his own bucket list. Then he thought, “Why not make this a game?”

Arcusys makes itself at home in the UK

August 7, 2017

Digital learning transformation facilitators Arcusys has established an office in London.

MaaS Global raises EUR 14.2 million

August 4, 2017

Finnish mobility-as-a-service company MaaS Global managed to raise 14.2 million euros in its recently completed funding round.

Etteplan goes full-on in China

August 2, 2017

Finnish Etteplan has acquired the full ownership of its previous joint venture Etteplan Vataple Technology Centre from Vataple Group.

Jakamo’s social network is all business

August 2, 2017

Manufacturing companies may not want to share their holiday pictures, but they do need to exchange information with others in their supply chain. A social network designed for this exact purpose has attracted customers from all over the world.

Arcteq powers up electricity networks

August 1, 2017

Smart grids are facing considerable change worldwide. Finnish protection relay and smart grid expert Arcteq has what it takes to benefit from the transformation.