Finnish heavyweights offer expertise worldwide

February 5, 2018

Large-scale Finnish industrial companies Nokia, Valmet, Outotec and KONE have been making headlines around the world recently.

Finnish healthcare offers best bang for buck in EU

February 5, 2018

Finland has established itself as a champion of healthcare in Europe, according to Health Consumer Powerhouse.

Finns enjoy greatest fundamental rights in world

February 2, 2018

The World Justice Project (WJP) has released its Rule of Law Index for 2017–2018, with Finland landing in third place overall worldwide.


Innomedica and SensoDetect team up

February 2, 2018

Innomedica, a Finnish advisory company specialising in life sciences, will provide its business partnering expertise to SensoDetect.

Five for Friday: Alcoholic beverages

February 2, 2018

These Finnish producers are pioneering a push towards uncharted alcoholic waters.

Finland enjoys high levels of press freedom and democracy

February 1, 2018

Finland has topped the Media Freedom Index and remains in the global top 10 overall of the Economist Group Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2017.


Biohit to offer Greeks a nicotine-free way to butt out

January 31, 2018

Biohit has announced the signing of a three-year distribution agreement for its nicotine-free smoking cessation product, Acetium lozenge, in Greece.

Finnish R&D knowhow leads to innovative imaging solutions

January 30, 2018

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland says it has developed a new cost-efficient hyperspectral imaging technology that enables more widespread use of artificial intelligence in consumer products.

Neighbourly development for Helsinki University

January 29, 2018

The University of Helsinki is collaborating closely with other universities in the region on the development of new pharmaceutical methods and products.

Five for Friday: Travel industry

January 26, 2018

The Finnish travel industry continues to bloom, fuelled by strong actors offering high quality, efficient and innovative experiences to both business and leisure travellers.

Tunisian classrooms to learn the Fun Academy way

January 25, 2018

Finnish company Fun Academy and Tunisia’s Ministry of Women, Family and Childhood have entered into a partnership to further the development of early-childhood education in Tunisia.