Two Finns make an impact in Sweden

June 4, 2018

Finnish bioeconomy company Stora Enso has partnered with a Swedish university, while Finnish startup WorkPilots is launching its work experience service in Sweden.

Finnish ice cream to go big in Japan

May 30, 2018

Suomisen Maito, a Finnish manufacturer of award-winning organic ice creams, has opened its first retail outlet in Japan.

Finnish Design Shop ships pieces of happiness

May 30, 2018

Finnish design carries inherent Nordic values, such as equality, functionality and simplicity. Finnish Design Shop picks the best bits and spreads them across the globe.

Goodio teams up with Ubuntu Foundation

May 29, 2018

Finnish chocolate company Goodio is collaborating with the Ubuntu Foundation by releasing a new coffee chocolate that will support Ubuntu’s charity programs in Kenya.

Finnish firms offer solutions worldwide

May 28, 2018

Five Finnish companies, Pöyry, Valmet, YIT, Kalmar and Neste, are lending their expertise and providing green solutions around the world.

Bad Santa serves cocktails in scoops

May 23, 2018

Oh summer, the time for ice cream and cocktails outdoors! What’s best, Finnish Bad Santa lets people enjoy both in one spoonful.

Valio establishes Chinese head office in Shanghai

May 22, 2018

Valio’s new head office in China will focus on serving the Chinese market, where in addition to ingredient business units Valio China has also established retail and food service business units.

Four Finns secure deals worldwide

May 21, 2018

Finnish industry giants Konecranes, Outokumpu, Nokia and KONE have landed deals far and wide.

Big plans brewing in Berlin for Bryggeri

May 16, 2018

Finnish brewery pub and restaurant Bryggeri has announced the launch of a new establishment in Berlin, bringing some ‘Finnesse’ to the beer-thirsty capital with the help of an import company.


Reddit puts Alvar Carto on the map

May 16, 2018

This Finnish startup launched a free phone wallpaper generator that blew up on Reddit and successfully boosted the profile of its raison d’être: customised map posters.

Finnish Lakeland lures Chinese visitors to its shores

May 15, 2018

Visit Finland has agreed on a substantial joint marketing campaign with Ctrip, the world’s second biggest online travel agency, to promote Finnish Lakeland to Chinese tourists.