Two Finns lift spirits with Ron and Tom

August 14, 2017

One Eyed Spirits and Spirit of Tom are two companies run by the same two people, whose idea is to add that little something to spice up a drink’s brand.

Koskenkorva Vodka heads to the US

August 8, 2017

Finnish wine and spirits producer Altia has signed a distribution agreement with Infinium Spirits to enter the US market with Koskenkorva Vodka.

Jalofoods serves tradition on today’s tables

August 7, 2017

Finnish Jalofoods wants to bring traditionally made plant-based food prepared in ethical and eco-friendly ways to all plates and dinner tables – not just those of vegetarians.

EGG rethinks fast food from farming to furniture

July 5, 2017

Finnish ’reggstaurant’ EGG doesn’t cut corners when it creates its seasonal, egg-based menus. Soon it’ll be testing its concept abroad, together with Finnish accommodation service Forenom.

Jungle Juice Bar has a taste for growth

July 4, 2017

Finnish private equity company Vaaka Partners is investing in the Jungle Juice Bar chain, with the intention of supporting its international expansion.

Tom of Finland Vodka adds flavour to the UK

June 27, 2017

Finnish Tom of Finland Vodka has been launched in the UK market, and it’ll soon be spreading to other European countries, too.

Friends & Brgrs feeds the hungry in Hamburg

June 26, 2017

Finnish restaurant chain Friends & Brgrs is expanding to Germany, with its sixth restaurant to open in the mall Europa Passage in central Hamburg.

Koskenkorva goes double in Kazakhstan

June 19, 2017

Altia is to commence exporting Finnish Koskenkorva Vodka to Kazakhstan as of this coming autumn, with the help of Orange Trading.

Härkis spices up the fava on your plate

May 24, 2017

These days, vegans and vegetarians are in for a treat every time they enter a supermarket, with the selection of plant-based goodies having grown wildly in the past few years. One of the shelf- and stomach-filling options is Finnish ‘härkis’ by Verso Food.

World toasts Finnviini’s success with Finnish wine

May 17, 2017

Two relative newcomers to Finland are putting their adopted country on the map with their internationally-renowned wines.

Kala-Lappi a big fish on the gourmet scene

May 3, 2017

Finnish fish refining company Kala-Lappi uses traditional yet unique methods to smoke rainbow trout for local and European markets.