Finnish yoga app launched a new spinoff

April 2, 2015

Finnish gaming company Gajatri Studios launched a new breath exercise application, Breath Watch. Company’s prior application Yoga Retreat is the world’s first game based on yoga.

Amer Sports acquires iconic baseball brand Louisville Slugger

March 25, 2015

Finnish sporting goods company Amer Sports has acquired the global brand, sales and innovation rights to the American baseball brand, Louisville Slugger.

PulseOn gets hearts racing faster

March 18, 2015

Finnish company, Pulse On, which makes highly accurate, wrist-based heart rate monitors is gearing up for its first full season.

Firstbeat, the Finnish secret behind teams like Manchester City

March 5, 2015

Firstbeat represents Finnish modesty at its best. The little known company provides technology used by millions around the world – including the English national football team.

Artwave wants everyone on waves

January 12, 2015

Finland’s reputation as a surf country skyrocketed last autumn – all because of one wave. The first artificial Artwave was surfed on in October, and now Artwave wants to spread the joys of surfing all over the world.

TopSpot combines football with creating wellbeing

October 31, 2014

Halfway through the noughties, Mikko Perälä met Marko Saranlinna, a football agent of long standing. They shared the idea of improving the lives of people in developing countries through sports. Based on this idea, Perälä and Saranlinna established TopSpot in 2011.

Finnish experts guarantee snow in Sochi

January 30, 2014

The Finnish company Snow Secure will make sure there is plenty of snow at the Sochi Winter Olympics in February, no matter the conditions. Two other Finnish companies, Onninen and All-Weather SnowTek, are also prepped for the snowy task.