Platonic Partnership is refreshingly unorthodox

June 6, 2018

Finland’s Platonic Partnership shies away from established game genres by pushing the envelope visually and thematically.

Habbo creator Sulake releases Hotel Hideaway

April 6, 2018

Finnish company Sulake has released its new social gaming experience Hotel Hideaway, its biggest release since the launch of virtual online community Habbo 17 years ago.

Hatch brings SEGA classics to online streaming

March 21, 2018

Rovio’s standalone subsidiary Hatch has partnered with Japanese video game developer SEGA to bring classic game characters such as Sonic to its cloud gaming service.

Baba Is You surprises gamers with word power

March 21, 2018

Finland is recognised as a global force when it comes to the games industry. But some of its most intriguing projects originate outside traditional games studios. Finnish indie developer Arvi Teikari is a testament to that.

Gigglebug’s Best & Bester cartoon catches the Eye

February 2, 2018

Finnish animation studio Gigglebug Entertainment and London-based Eye Present have signed a co-production deal, after Best & Bester set tongues wagging at the Cartoon Forum 2017.

Angry Birds touchdown at the Super Bowl

January 26, 2018

Rovio Entertainment and the NFL have joined forces to create a timely Super Bowl integration for Rovio’s Angry Birds games.


Team Action Zone boosts teamwork with tech

December 19, 2017

Tampere-based Team Action Zone developed a digital team game – and then realised it could help everyone else create their own, too.

Altogame helps health care in Britain

November 30, 2017

Finnish-British startup Altogame has formed a collaboration partnership with Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool, UK.

Bon Games gathers speed for first game release

November 8, 2017

Finnish game studio Bon Games has raised 1.4 million US dollars in seed funding, as it prepares the release of its first game Transit King, in collaboration with Fingersoft.

Psyon Games makes science great again

October 25, 2017

Finnish Psyon Games gained worldwide fame with its Trump vs. Science game. Next, it’s set out to sway those who don’t believe in vaccinations.

Angry Birds gets a very special guest

October 17, 2017

Eddie, the iconic mascot of Iron Maiden, will be a special playable character Eddie the Bird in Angry Birds Evolution this Halloween season.