Myssyfarmi’s tale is a good yarn

April 10, 2018

A bunch of Swiss and Finnish grandmothers, a sheep called Bambi, the coolest beanie in the world and a career-ending injury have led to a new global fashion brand rising out of a Finnish village.

Marimekko and Plan campaign for equality

April 3, 2018

Finnish design brand Marimekko and humanitarian organisation Plan International are organising campaigns together to support children’s rights and education of girls in developing countries.

Finland and Spain come together with MoiMoi

March 28, 2018

MoiMoi mixes Finnish functionalism and Spanish leather crafting skills to create bags that only get better with time.

Saana ja Olli lasts through seasons

March 20, 2018

Finnish designer couple Olli Sallinen and Saana Sipilä have created their own brand to reflect the values they wish to see take over the global textile industry.

Soften cushions sound with Nordic style

March 6, 2018

Tackling echo and noise issues can be done with style (and Moomins). This is the mantra of Finnish acoustics specialist Soften. wins big in London

March 5, 2018

Finnish design collective has been awarded Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interiors News Awards.

Horsehair is gold for Nanna Salmi

February 26, 2018

Finnish textile designer Nanna Salmi helps horse lovers carry a piece of their dearest animal partner with them everywhere, including the fanciest of occasions.

Some self-love and a CupOfTherapy, please

February 20, 2018

Every now and then, we all need a reminder to be a little gentler to ourselves. Finnish company CupOfTherapy shares encouragement, humour and comfort through heart-warming illustrations.

Tales by Trees is rooted in net positivity

January 24, 2018

Often not buying anything is deemed the eco-friendliest consumer choice. Tales by Trees wants to create products that do good instead of nothing.

Vimma is fashion with zero secrets

January 17, 2018

What started out as a harmless hobby for a stay-at-home mother is now a global fashion brand with world-renowned designers on board.

Marimekko is in fashion with UNIQLO

January 10, 2018

Finnish Marimekko and Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO have partnered up for a limited special edition collaboration collection.