March 18, 2016

Blancco brings data security to MENA and US markets

Blancco’s data erasure solution will be available in the US, Middle East and North Africa markets.
Blancco’s data erasure solution will be available in the US, Middle East and North Africa markets.

Finnish mobile device diagnostics and secure data erasure solutions company Blancco Technology Group has signed a distribution agreement to MENA market area and has been awarded a patent in the US.  

Blancco’s data erasure solution will be available in the Middle East and North Africa market due to a distribution agreement with MENA-based distributor H3 Secure. H3 will start to sell Blancco’s data erasure and mobile diagnostics solutions to enterprise organisations primarily targeting businesses in telecommunications, retail, finance, healthcare, utilities and government.

Data security in the Middle East and North Africa is an increasingly competitive market and according to Markets and Markets’ report, it is projected to grow to 13.43 billion US dollars by 2019.

“A growing number of organisations are digital in the Middle East and North Africa, alongside the rest of the world,” says Pat Clawson, CEO of Blancco Technology Group. “But as organisations increasingly create, store, transfer and share digital information, it opens the door to operational inefficiencies, security threats, regulatory compliance violations and data breaches.”

“To mitigate these risks, organisations must do more than implement the necessary technology solutions; they must change their entire understanding of and management of data and devices across the entire lifecycle,” Clawson continues. “We see great value in this partnership with H3 Secure and believe it is the best way to address the region’s digital challenges.”

In addition to the new distribution deal, Blancco has been awarded a US patent for Solid State Drive (SSD) erasure method. Blancco has received the SSD erasure patent previously in EU and Finland.

The new patent provides organisations with a secure method to handle end-of-life storage devices – regardless of underlying technology – in a secure and eco-friendly manner.

“Unfortunately, knowledge of the proper SSD erasure methods and tools has not been anywhere near as fast or as ubiquitous as the SSD adoption rate,” Clawson says. “And when free tools and software are used – as they so often are – it makes matters even worse because such tools cannot adequately do the job and leave large amounts of data accessible.”

“To us, these challenges demonstrated a clear market need for a secure and verifiable way to sanitise and reuse SSDs. Our new patent and our Blancco 5 product not only fulfill this need, but also help organisations minimise their security risks and likelihood of data breaches,” Clawson concludes.