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Arctic Power Berries make Finland’s natural treats travel

For someone who has grown up in the Finnish Lapland, the big city berries don’t quite cut it. Two now-Londoners born and bred in... Read more

Laitila goes global

The soon-to-be-20-year-old company Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas intends to set out for the global markets. This is the year’s hottest... Read more

London loves Finnish cinnamon buns

More than seven years ago, the Finnish company Nordic Bakery brought a piece of Finland to London and introduced Londoners to cinnamon... Read more

Global demand for rye products on the rise

Alongside the traditional Finnish rye bread, new products are hitting the market at an increasing rate. Linkosuo’s crispy rye products,... Read more

Reagena launches rapid test for tick-borne encephalitis

The Finnish company Reagena has brought to the market a record-fast rapid test for the diagnosis of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).The... Read more

Bioeconomy – a potential driver of exponential growth

Finland is evolving into a major bioeconomy country. This development will gain momentum thanks to the bioeconomy strategy announced in... Read more

Kemira makes water cleaner

Clean water is a vital prerequisite for life, but it is also chemistry. Municipal water treatment has been the backbone of Kemira’s... Read more

Lumene transforms Finnish berries into cosmetics

What do chemistry, stem cell technology and cosmetics have in common? Lumene has drawn on unique expertise to combine wild Arctic... Read more

A global edge from biomaterials

New biomaterials are opening up new dimensions in many fields, such as dental care and drug dosing. The Turku-based high-tech companies... Read more

Bayer relies on Finnish know-how

The most successful product ever to have left pharmaceutical company Bayer’s production plant in Turku dates back almost a quarter of a... Read more

Turku’s biotech industry taking on the world

The BioTurku biotech cluster, located in Turku, Finland, is the nation’s leading innovator in the field and has its sights set on... Read more

HyTest takes industry lead

Turku has grown into a centre of expertise for the Finnish biotech industry. One of the success stories is HyTest, a leading... Read more

Augmented reality brings a new dimension

Digital and physical lives still largely evolve in separate spheres.Services relating to what is called augmented reality merge these... Read more

Electronics on your skin

Wearable electronics, such as smart watches and smart bracelets, are currently making a breakthrough comparable to that of mobile... Read more

Smart clothes for better results

What do you get when you cross a small measuring device, an electricity-conducting textile and body-hugging sportswear? Smart shorts,... Read more

Teemu Arina”hacked” himself back to health

For Teemu Arina, technology is an extension of his body. He, for example, recovered from a gastric ulcer by hacking. Writing and... Read more
Showing 1-4/6 articles from January 2014