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Saku Tuominen: Redesigning the work week

A broader concept of design allows us to, say, redesign the work week. The Redesigning 925 project surprised even Saku Tuominen, who is... Read more

Success through measuring design

Finland is set to become a leader in the measurement of design through the creation of a common language between design and business.... Read more

Major project reaches its objectives

For Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Lahti, the World Design Capital year is nearing its end. The objective for the year was to... Read more

Safe recycling of accumulators and batteries

Batteries and accumulators, which are classified as hazardous waste, can today be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner... Read more

Algae spawn opportunities

The wastewaters of paper and pulp mills may soon serve as a source of valuable omega-3 supplement and biofertilizers. The commercial... Read more

Smart waste management

First came the need to find an exponentially growing market area, which was followed by a company, a practical idea and, as the result... Read more

Industry promotes sustainable development

Energy and material efficiency and the sustainable use of natural resources are key drivers of industrial operations today. Finland is... Read more

Robots save us from mountains of waste

Jufo Peltomaa is a happy man. He has had the privilege of taking part in the establishment of a unique company specialising in waste... Read more

Rails Girls takes over the world

The Rails Girls movement, which inspires women to start programming, has become a global phenomenon in just a couple of years. The... Read more

Innolukio cooks up a brainstorm

August saw the launch of Innolukio, a unique Finnish invention. It opens up the doors of upper secondary schools to society,... Read more

Companies are the new school

The Enterprise Society learning environment and The Confederation of Finnish Industries’ youth programme re present globally unique... Read more

Education export gets off to a flying start

Finnish education expertise is emerging as a new and exciting export product. One of the engines behind this new development is... Read more

Finland promotes open government

The goal of open government is to foster dialogue between the State and its citizens, and to encourage citizens’ involvement. Finland... Read more

Journalism opens up to readers

Open journalism allows readers to make themselves heard and offers journalists new opportunities. Even though open journalism is only... Read more

Knowledge leads to new business

Open knowledge is a major business opportunity for Finland. That is the belief of, among others, Leading Specialist Ossi Kuittinen,... Read more

Opening up society in Helsinki

The world’s first Open Knowledge Festival will take place in Helsinki in September. Its goal is to stimulate the opening up of society... Read more
Showing 1-4/12 articles from January 2012