Good News from Thu, 21 June, 2012:

Global translators of expertise

Vahanen’s service exports are growing fast in India, among other countries. Vahanen’s service exports are growing fast in India, among other countries.

International construction projects require not only strong technical know-how but also solid local competence.

In a way, we act as global translators of expertise, says CEO Veijo Komulainen from Vahanen Group, a comprehensive construction service provider.

Specialists in property management services, Vahanen Group has assisted global and local clients in the design and implementation of construction projects in Russia for almost 20 years.

The administrative procedures involved in construction projects require insight into the local conditions, bureaucracy, language, culture and authorities. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of expertise that puts us in a position to provide comprehensive services for structural engineering and implementation, says Komulainen.

Our local experts play a significant role, as they can produce all of the services needed for permit and licensing procedures, such as project management, planning, design and client services.

Globally & locally

Vahanen Group has been operating in St Petersburg and in Moscow for 12 years. Demand for services in Russia is closely linked to the development of society in general.

The Russian economy and construction business are heavily cyclical and subject to fluctuations in volumes. There are sudden spikes and falls. In the light of the current economic growth forecasts, the demand outlook is promising.

Komulainen sees Vahanen’s role as a translator of expertise.

We export competence that has been developed and packaged into concepts in Finland to other parts of the world where it is adapted to the local conditions. A global operator can thus positively influence the big picture in the local markets.

A new kind of close co-operation between the various operators is also important. There may be several operators in one location, but from the customer’s viewpoint, they form a unified service chain. The contents of the new service are quite comprehensive: for example, we do not just design a school, we also bring the customer a lot of other expertise with the concept, beginning with teacher training.

Know-how in prefabricated elements to India

Vahanen’s service exports are growing fast in India and in the Persian Gulf area.

The development in India, for example, is similar to what we have been witnessing in China for a long time. The middle class becomes wealthier, which means above all a huge need for new housing.

Due to the enormous scale of building activity, a method for industrialising construction is now being exported.

Prefabricated construction is showing strong growth. Even though Finland has decades of experience in this field, in India we are starting from square one.

According to Komulainen, Finnish prefabricated construction is top notch. We have come a long way since the grey and boring concrete elements of past decades.

Today we know how to make high-quality prefabricated buildings that are modern, interesting and diverse. Demand for advanced building services and expertise in the field of energy-efficient construction, for example, is increasing.


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