Good News from Wed, 14 December, 2011:

Ships for the whole world

STX Finland Oy All of the world’s 14 largest cruise ships have been built by the STX Group’s yards.  Oasis of the Seas, built at the Turku yard, has been compared with a small city. All of the world’s 14 largest cruise ships have been built by the STX Group’s yards.  Oasis of the Seas, built at the Turku yard, has been compared with a small city.
The delivery one year ago of a cruise liner by STX Finland Oy, the world-leading builders of luxury cruise liners, formed part of one of the biggest Finnish export deals of all time.  The company prides itself on continuously coming up with new innovative concepts.

STX Finland is the Finnish subsidiary of STX Europe AS which is engaged in shipbuilding at three separate yards.  The sister ships M/S Freedom of the Seas, M/S Liberty of the Seas and M/S Independence of the Seas as well as M/S Oasis of the Seas and M/S Allure of the Seas for example, which are among the largest in the world, were all built at the Turku shipyard.

– Our competence is based on long-term employment relationships and long-lasting collaboration both inside STX Finland Oy and with our co-operative network,  Head of Communications Tanja Sabell emphasized.

– In addition to shipbuilding skills you also need to be able to come up with new concepts and to drive and manage multi-faceted and vast projects.

Tradition and capability

Into each of the ships it produces,  STX Finland Oy builds a bit of shipbuilding history and centuries old seafaring knowledge, experience and culture.  The history of Finland’s shipyards dates back to the 1700s and over the centuries more than 3,500 ships have been built here.

The company is recognized in particular for its innovative prototype designs, exemplified among other things by a cruise liner in which all the cabins have windows, a promenade deck or ship’s mall as well as modular cabins and bathrooms.

– The level of innovation contained in the components installed, the quality and the detail of the finishing are decisive factors in determining the ultimate success of the ship, asserts Sabell.

– We have developed various structural solutions and, for example, have made our ships’ hulls more energy efficient, minimizing the impact on the environment.  The latest environmental technology is based on know-how in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) technology, power transmission and energy technology.  When it comes to propulsion technology we are world leaders.

– The reputation of the Finns around the world is very good  - the display of some of the finest and largest cruise liners’ design and build speaks for itself.

From Finland out into the world

Following delivery of its last luxury cruise liner, the Turku yard has experienced a short period of quiet.

– We are constantly working hard on new concepts and implementing new sales projects.

There is, nevertheless, demand for cruise liners and orders for various types of vessels are at a reasonable level.  At the Rauma yard a passenger car ferry is under construction for P&O Ferries as is an Antarctic research and service vessel for the South African Environment Ministry, a fisheries research vessel for the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Sea, a ferry for Suomen lauttaliikenne Oy and oil and gas field service vessels for Eide Marine.

– At the Turku yard we are working on a cruise ferry for Viking Line, a special cargo vessel for Oy Gaiamare Ab and a cruise vessels for Tui Cruises, while Arctech Helsinki Shipyard’s order book features two icebreaking service vessels for Sovcomflot.


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