Good News from Thu, 12 July, 2012:

Fast knots are a fisherman’s friend

Click2Knot makes tying a reliable Uni-knot faster and easier. And most importantly, a proper knot ensures that the lure swims as it was meant to. Click2Knot makes tying a reliable Uni-knot faster and easier. And most importantly, a proper knot ensures that the lure swims as it was meant to.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the old saying goes. Samuli Orko’s invention solves the problem of making complicated fishing knots: the Click2Knot tool makes a reliable knot in seconds flat. The company’s success also brings with it high expectations.

I got the idea for a tool that can make knots in fishing lines from a friend, Tero Liimatainen, who had a hard time tying knots in his line. We thought there must be an easier, faster and more reliable way to do it, recounts Orko, the President & CEO of Spinmade Oy.

Orko was immediately sold on the idea and set off to find a solution to the challenge. Only a fisherman knows how frustrating it is to lose both a fish and the lure because of a faulty knot. 

According to studies we carried out, 56 per cent of fishermen have been let down by the knots in their lines. Nearly half of the fishermen we polled considered the visibility of the line the biggest challenge when tying knots.

Tying knots – even when blindfolded

In his spare time, Orko began researching fishing line behaviour. He soon uncovered the basic nature of fishing line: when pulled, the line behaves like thread, but when pushed, it is rigid, like a stick. Using that information as a springboard, the first knot-tying tool for making the simplest loop knot was born. A patent application for the tool was filed in 2005.

Currently available on the market, Click2Knot is the first knotting device in the world that can make a Uni-knot. 

It’s been great fun bringing something completely new to the fishing tackle market, says Orko. Every time I look at a person experiencing the Click2Knot for the first time I know we truly have made a difference.

Orko says the knot can even be made blindfolded. The line is fed into the tool and a knot is formed by pressing the handle of the device a few times. The device is suitable for fishing enthusiasts of all ages.

Promising outlook

The product got off to a good start and quickly gained momentum in the markets. In Australia, for example, the warehouses of Spinmade’s distributors have so far this year been emptied of the product twice as fast as last year. They have faced their share of challenges, too, though.

Limited financing has depleted our marketing efforts. In terms of distribution we have made good progress, but we haven’t been reaching enough consumers. The Fukushima disaster put a stop to our Japanese launch in 2011, Orko says.

The outlook, however, is hopeful.

  We are persevering with our development work, as there are already expectations on us to come up with new products. Good news about the economy and a positive approach motivate us to seek development and growth.


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