Good News from Thu, 19 April, 2012:

Boost for growth and internationalisation

The TRIOPlus programme is bearing fruit. The SMEs involved in the programme have a stronger desire and more potential to grow than average. The TRIOPlus programme is bearing fruit. The SMEs involved in the programme have a stronger desire and more potential to grow than average.

Over the next ten years, Finland will need 200 000 new jobs and more medium-sized enterprises with global operations. This is the goal of the TRIOPlus project run by the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, which has got off to a flying start.

TRIOPlus, a project run by the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries to activate small and medium-sized enterprises, is based on development areas, challenges and opportunities brought up by the companies. The project’s services are targeted at technology industry companies with potential for growth and internationalisation and at healthy enterprises that are facing difficulties as a result of the economic downturn.

— We provide various development services for companies to achieve success and boost their competitiveness even in times of economic hardship, stresses Group Manager Harri Jokinen from the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Beyond expectations

The programme, launched in autumn 2010 and continuing until 2013, has exceeded all expectations in terms of schedules, quantity and quality. Due to the rapid progress, the number of company visits was increased from the initial 600 to 800. According to Jokinen, the goals have now been achieved – one year ahead of schedule.

— We have already carried out the initial analysis in 800 companies. In addition, basic analyses have been completed for nearly 500 and development programmes drawn up for more than 250 companies. On the basis of the feedback survey, the companies are very satisfied with the quality of the service. All of the companies would recommend the service to others.

Jokinen is pleased.

— The companies that have drawn up their own development programmes have a very strong potential and desire to grow. In terms of concrete targets set by the companies themselves, this means hundreds of millions of euros in new net sales. In addition, a large number of SMEs are attempting to make a quantum leap in internationalisation.

Momentum for development

According to the book Kenelle arvoketju hymyilee? (‘To whom does the value chain smile?’) published by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s Growth Programme for the Mechanical Engineering Industry and the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, the Finnish mechanical engineering industry is well placed to be among the winners. TRIOPlus is on the same page.

— We believe that the SMEs involved in the project will play a significant role in building Finland’s future, Jokinen says.

One of the companies to gain momentum from the programme is Oy Galvatek Ab, which designs and supplies automated chemical cleaning plants for the aviation industry, and surface treatment plants and water treatment plants. The company is now seeking growth in the Chinese, Indian and Middle-Eastern markets.

— We got a new boost from TRIOPlus’s growth and internationalisation activity line. The programme’s tools have helped us to question existing practices, for example. We will specify our sourcing, pricing, documentation and reporting in more detail. Improving leadership has also emerged as an important development area, says Managing Director Ulf Pråhl. > TRIOPlus


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