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Thu, 27 Sep, 2012:

Information on public services in the form of open content

Marko Latvanen

The website provides citizens with information on public services. It contains a wide range of national and municipal services as well as a map that covers a substantial number of the State’s local public service points. Here at... Read more

Thu, 20 Sep, 2012:

Open data apps competition polishes diamonds in therough

Olli Rinne

Apps4Finland is a competition that encourages the sharing and utilisation of open data. It is being held for the fourth time this year. Last year, 140 entries were submitted – more than for any other open data competition anywhere in the world.... Read more

Thu, 13 Sep, 2012:

Team Finland pulls together

Markus Kokko

The atmosphere at Finlandia Hall last Monday was charged with excitement. The hall was filled with representatives from more than 1 400 internationalising SMEs and their supporting organisations. The occasion was the launching of the new Team... Read more

Thu, 06 Sep, 2012:

Finland – a pioneer of open democracy?

Joonas Pekkanen

Social media services such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have enabled the real-time, uncensored communication of information as well as the rallying together of the masses in many developing democracies. This has, in part, contributed to the... Read more

Thu, 30 Aug, 2012:

The blind leading the seeing – no problem!

Laura Häkli

A few months ago, tram passengers in Helsinki noticed something strange. A blind girl sitting on the tram with her white cane was able to identify exactly where the tram was at any point in time despite being visually impaired. She told her... Read more

Thu, 23 Aug, 2012:

Openness will be embedded in our everyday lives

Juha Huuskonen

The terms ‘participation’ and ‘openness’ have been used a lot during the year — the theme of Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 is “Open Helsinki”, and every other ad campaign on the streets is an invitation for people to participate. I believe... Read more

Thu, 16 Aug, 2012:

Seeking philanthropy in the Olympic spirit

Tiina Heinilä

The tremendous success of the host country’s Olympic team – Team GB – managed to get even the critical Brits to love their Olympic games. The UK amassed 29 gold medals in the recently ended games – compare that to the single one they won in... Read more

Thu, 09 Aug, 2012:

Russia’s WTO membership demands reforms

Simo Leppänen

Russia’s accession to the WTO, resolved at the end of 2011, is entering a concrete phase with the ratification of the agreement by President Putin in July. A nearly two-decade-long negotiation phase has finally ended, indicating a positive... Read more

Thu, 02 Aug, 2012:

Bolshaya dacha

Pertti Lintunen

“This sunny, green city of Imatra is like a bolshaya dacha, a huge summer cottage, for us Russians,” says a school principal from St. Petersburg when we ask her what exactly draws Russians to our relatively small border town. Over the past... Read more

Wed, 11 Jul, 2012:

Happy summer!

Our column takes a summer break for July. Enjoy fresh points of view again in August. Wishing you sunny summer days, Good News from Finland -staff Read more