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Thu, 28 Jun, 2012:

Services in trouble

Henriikka Ahtiainen

This morning I called the service number. My new computer wouldn’t start up. I explained that many other people have had the same problem, could there have been something wrong with the installation service? “Listen, we’ve installed 600 computers and we’ve only had trouble with around 50 of them, not all of them,” came the blunt reply. It... Read more

Thu, 21 Jun, 2012:

Nothing but service!

Christian Grönroos

Service is the only thing that exists on the markets – any markets. There are those who need support in their lives or work, both people and companies, and there are those who can provide the support that they need. It’s as simple as that! The nature of the assistance required and its context varies but it’s always about the same thing. Those... Read more

Thu, 14 Jun, 2012:

Public sector can promote services business growth

Pasi Mäkinen

It goes without saying that services are hugely significant for the national economy, and this will continue to increase in the future. Especially significant is the development of productivity, efficiency and quality of public services in a situation where public-sector operators are being forced to cut costs. Moreover, the shift of... Read more

Thu, 07 Jun, 2012:

Shyness not in vogue around the world

Kari Väisänen

When you put the words service and business together, what you get is the curious phrase ‘service business’. Finnish engineers – and the people who sell their services – represent the global elite in service business. Nearly half of Metso’s net sales last year, for instance, consisted of different types of services, such as repairs,... Read more

Thu, 31 May, 2012:

Angry Birds soar in Lappset’s Activity Parks

Johanna Ikäheimo

Angry Birds have soared into the hearts of mobile game players around the world, and in the Asian countries, especially in China. With more than a billion downloads, the game, developed by Finnish game developer Rovio, has reached new levels of global popularity. Angry Birds has become a mega-sensation. When Rovio and Lappset announced global... Read more

Thu, 24 May, 2012:

Standardisation sets the ground rules for sustainable bioeconomy

Sami Nikander

The goal of transitioning to a bio-based economy raises the issue of how it can be accomplished in the most sustainable way possible. In practice, this means establishing ground rules devised in co-operation with various stakeholders. The only process that could result in such a consensus-based end result is standardisation. The European... Read more

Thu, 17 May, 2012:

Inspiring science education

Johannes Posti

Is teaching just about giving lessons and having long holidays? This appears to be the prevailing opinion in many countries, but there’s much more to the picture, especially in Finland. The teaching standard in Finnish grade schools has been attracting considerable attention worldwide in recent years. The subject that has probably received the... Read more

Thu, 10 May, 2012:

Think Finland: Building a country brand

André Noël Chaker

From a global branding point of view what is the worst thing that can happen when you mention the word Finland? The worst thing that can happen is that nothing springs to mind. This is why Finland has become interested in developing its country brand and image over the past few years. The country’s brand report of 2010 commissioned by the... Read more

Thu, 03 May, 2012:

Bioeconomy is coming to your neighbourhood

Jani Timonen

There is no real difference between bioeconomy and cleantech. Cleantech companies produce solutions that help make bioeconomy a reality.  In Finland, bioeconomy has traditionally been associated solely with biomass. At Ympäristöosaajat2025, a seminar held in April to determine the kinds of environmental professionals that will be needed in... Read more

Thu, 26 Apr, 2012:

Bio-Age Finland is a service cloud in a hybrid economy

Olli Hietanen

Technological change has progressed at a rapid pace. Within a few decades, the world has become virtual while we have started to apply biotechnology and entered the Nano-Age.  All of these technologies hold similar importance to the invention of the steam engine. They have brought and will continue to bring profound changes to our economy, our... Read more

Thu, 19 Apr, 2012:

Finland is committed to balancing its public finances

Penna Urrila

The Government of Finland in March decided on its budget policy for the coming years. Compared to many other countries, Finland’s public finances are quite sound at the moment and its government bonds, for example, have been given the best possible credit rating. The state of the global economy and Finland’s growth prospects have nonetheless... Read more

Thu, 12 Apr, 2012:

Our Helsinki

Henriikka Ahtiainen

Over the past few years, Helsinki has become a terrific place to live. The fine offering of summer events surpasses even your wildest dreams, and interesting workshops or other urban community activities are offered practically every week. It’s as though the city dwellers, after years of apathy, have realised that they can and should take... Read more
Showing 12 articles from April—June 2012