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Fri, 11 Dec, 2009:

For greener Helsinki

Eeva Haaramo

Okay, let's admit it. I like Christmas lights. During these dark months the beautifully lit trees of Esplanadi Park stir up and bring a feel of winter even if the ground is bare and black. The electric candles in the windows of houses surrounding the Senate Square please my eye, and my spirit. Despite, or perhaps exactly because of this... Read more

Fri, 04 Dec, 2009:

My good deed for the day

Joni Rannanpää

While taking my regular morning walk to the station, my eye catches a piece of rubbish. The same story every single day, come rain or shine. It really annoys me. If there was snow to cover it, it would be better - out of sight, out of mind. I find myself wondering who on earth may have been so inconsiderate to litter right next to where the... Read more

Mon, 30 Nov, 2009:

Traveling with ordinary people

Henriikka Ahtiainen

I am ashamed. A few weeks ago I was showing my Russian friend around in Helsinki. We took the tram number 3 from Mannerheimintie to Eteläranta, driving via Punavuori. It was a Sunday evening, and reasonably quiet with only a few passengers. In Eira we were suddenly accompanied by a homeless bum, who kept himself entertained by chatting away at... Read more

Thu, 12 Nov, 2009:

This Year’s Christmas Presents

Krista Kinnunen

Finland is getting all wintery. Northern Finland is already wrapped in pure white snow and skiing centres have opened their slopes. They welcome warmly all enthusiastic winter sportsmen, despite of the recent strike threats of slope workers. Southern Finland is also eagerly awaiting for white snow cover to soon land on it. The darkest time of... Read more

Thu, 22 Oct, 2009:

A coffee for me, please!

Anna Huovinen

Despite the recession most of us can still afford the daily basics, such as food and drink. And if not anything else, at least our daily cup of coffee. This week is celebrated as the nation-wide Fair Trade -week. Different events, initiatives and campaigns mark this refreshing season. The goal is to keep the spirits high through the recession.... Read more

Fri, 16 Oct, 2009:

Diversity is wealth

Krista Kinnunen

The likelihood of Finnish youth of immigrant background to emigrate from Finland is pretty high. A research with a title Immigrant youth in Finland 2009 investigated different future visions that our youth of immigrant background had. The research took into consideration only the biggest immigrant background youth groups which came from... Read more

Wed, 07 Oct, 2009:

Parlez-vous français?

Eeva Haaramo

We Finns have a tendency to underrate positive news about Finland. Although the well-known Finnish proverb says, 'modesty beautifies', there is also a place for taking reasonable pride in compliments. These thoughts of mine emerged as I was following the active online discussion on the website of Finland's biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat.... Read more
Showing 7 articles from October—December 2009