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Thu, 24 Sep, 2009:

Fishing for the Big Fish

Joni Rannanpää

The Chinese war theorist Sun Tzu realized already 2000 years ago that if you known your enemy like you know yourself, you will not be imperiled in hundred battles. In those days espionage served a purpose in the pursuit of military victory.... Read more

Wed, 09 Sep, 2009:

I want a wireless life!

Krista Kinnunen

Things, especially those unpleasant ones, tend to pile up. Mr. Murphy is often blamed for problems and worries, and sometimes for a reason. I am not sure whether it was him this time. The downward spiral began unnoticed. First it was our digibox... Read more

Thu, 03 Sep, 2009:

Truffels and Tortilla Snacks keep Finland on the ball

Kimmo Kallonen

Finnish Forest Industry is being run down a slippery slope. It began with the closing down of Voikkaa and Kemijärvi factories. Our traditional industry localities are faced with completely new challenges. Alongside the discontinuation of forest... Read more

Tue, 11 Aug, 2009:

Getting the best out of the recession

Henriikka Ahtiainen

In a period of recession people often say that no news is good news. Predictability is safe. There is a mortgage, family and a career. This holy trinity is not easily shaken. Life is planned for at least five years ahead, income and expenses are... Read more

Thu, 06 Aug, 2009:

Feedback in the right place in the right time

Joni Rannanpää

On the way to work I find myself having ample time to read local and international news on complimentary newspapers such as Metro and Vartti. Some of these publications have also SMS column for readers' "news" and public journalism. Public... Read more

Thu, 23 Jul, 2009:

Off to the Forest!

Kimmo Kallonen

A remarkable amount, up to 100 kilograms of berries per Finn ripen in the Finnish forests every year. At the same time statistics show that the annual berry consumption is approximately 8 kg of wild berries per person. Simple mathematics reveal... Read more

Thu, 16 Jul, 2009:

Taking a break from social medias

Joni Rannanpää

It seems that different forms of social media have entered our lives for good. The most popular applications change and develop, but the basic idea remains the same. Transmitting information on one's whereabouts, photographs, videos, "grand... Read more

Mon, 13 Jul, 2009:

Chilling out on an Ikea sofa

Kimmo Kallonen

One type of bolts were missing from the package. Twisting and turning the assembly instructions, I double checked in between the sheets of packaging cardboard for another small plastic bag of miscellaneous accessories. No sign of the missing... Read more

Fri, 03 Jul, 2009:

On your bike in Helsinki

Eeva Haaramo

There is no better way of making good use of your journey to work than  to do it by bike. Your fitness improves almost imperceptibly and the intake of fresh air into the lungs is achieved in a pleasant way. I myself always cycle the eight... Read more