Good News from Thu, 14 June, 2012:

Public sector can promote services business growth

It goes without saying that services are hugely significant for the national economy, and this will continue to increase in the future. Especially significant is the development of productivity, efficiency and quality of public services in a situation where public-sector operators are being forced to cut costs. Moreover, the shift of production to low-cost countries and close to growth markets brings traditional developed nations a new challenge to hold their own against competition. We need to focus strongly on developing services.

Digitalisation holds a key role in the development of new services. According to the Government Programme, all Finns should have access to wireless broadband by 2015, enabling the generation of novel types of services business.

The public sector also contributes to the creation of new services business through the open data produced by authorities, based on which companies can develop new services free of charge. The sky is the limit. The public sector can also exert influence through public procurements: a public-sector operator can create markets for new services through innovative service procurements.

New opportunities for the services business also lie in developing public sector services in a more customer-friendly direction. A new method used in this development work is service design in which services are constructed holistically with the customer’s viewpoint at the core of the design process.

The significance of the public sector for the growth of the services business will continue to increase. However, developing private and public sector co-operation is essential in order to achieve the best results.