Good News from Thu, 31 May, 2012:

Angry Birds soar in Lappset’s Activity Parks

Angry Birds have soared into the hearts of mobile game players around the world, and in the Asian countries, especially in China. With more than a billion downloads, the game, developed by Finnish game developer Rovio, has reached new levels of global popularity. Angry Birds has become a mega-sensation.

When Rovio and Lappset announced global co-operation in December last year, the news spread fast. Hundreds of media outlets, from Asia to North America, from South America to Europe, reported on the arrival of Angry Birds Activity Parks.

With the virtual game getting off to a flying start, the Angry Birds Activity Parks are also storming into the real world of players of different ages. In Finland, the Särkänniemi Adventure Park in the city of Tampere opened the world’s first Angry Birds Land at the end of April. According to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the new attraction boosted the number of visitors to the park by 40 to 50 per cent in the first two weeks after it opened.

The Angry Birds Activity Parks, designed and manufactured by Lappset, bring a new dimension to playing. They combine virtual and real life, digital and physical play. They activate the digital generation of children and youth to get moving. They bring families together to share in fun activities around the globe.

Angry Birds hurtled into the sky from Finland. And Angry Birds Activity Parks are bounding across the globe from Finnish Lapland – from Lappset.