Good News from Wed, 25 April, 2012:

YIT to slash carbon dioxide emissions

YIT has declared war on CO2 emissions YIT has declared war on CO2 emissions

YIT has commited itself to cutting its carbon dioxide emissions by 40 per cent by 2020, which is twice the emission-cutting goal set by the EU.

The Finnish construction and real estate company says the reduction of emissions supports cost-efficiency and is part of its strategy of profitable growth.

In order to reach the 40 per cent emissions goal, YIT aims to minimise the environmental impacts of its activity by making its operations more efficient and using its services and solutions related to energy efficiency.

Measures that influence the energy consumption of buildings include 24-hour monitoring of indoor conditions, LED illumination, heat recovery and continuous maintenance.

In the future, emissions will also be reduced by increasingly using renewable energy sources and creating innovative CO2-efficient working methods.

Such a high goal for emission reduction is a challenge, but we want to and can commit to it, says Tomi Mäkipelto, development director in charge of energy-related matters at YIT.

Emission cuts are, in the end, the sum of several small measures that can combined achieve great savings in the amount of emissions as well as operating costs,"

YIT has an in-house research and development centre in Aachen, Germany, developing new solutions to promote energy efficiency.

The company published its objective last week at a joint Climate Partners meeting of businesses and the City of Helsinki.

The Climate Partners network is seeking new ways to curb climate change. Companies which join, agree on a climate commitment with the City of Helsinki, stating their climate objectives.