Mon, 29 Jun, 2009:

Roaming in EU more affordable from July onwards

Making and receiving mobile phone calls, sending SMSs and using data services will become cheaper within the European Union. The new EU roaming decree will take effect in the beginning of July.   According to the new price ceiling, the... Read more

'Housegame' helps Germans to budget for house building

Heinze, affiliate of the German building branch media giant DOCUgroup, has signed a contract with the Tampere-based company Visual Computing Oy. According to the contract the German company will introduce the Finnish 'Housegame' in its portals... Read more

Fri, 26 Jun, 2009:

Goodnews specifies: Smart Map developed by Red Solutions Finland

The Smart Map designed primarily to provide tourists a fuller and more convenient experience of the south-eastern Finnish town of Lappeenranta has been developed by Red Solutions Finland Oy, the developer of the software Jayden M Khakurel points... Read more

Thu, 25 Jun, 2009:

Aalto attracts

Aalto University, which will start in the autumn of 2009, is looking to put itself both on the world map and at the top of the international tree. The new university will function in areas where Finland is strong and which are important in... Read more

Basware believes in e-invoicing breakthrough

Basware, the leading provider of purchase to pay solutions, expects electronic invoicing to develop extensively this year. A research carried out by the company in May and June revealed that electronic invoicing is on the brink of a... Read more

KONE to install 46 elevators on two brand new cruise ships

The luxury cruise company Celebrity Cruises has signed a significant contract with KONE. The Finnish company has been assigned to design, supply and install a total of  46 brand new, customised elevators on the Celebrity Cruises' two new... Read more

See You in Kenya –collection helps people to see

Over 20 000 spectacles and sunglasses have already been collected for the See You in Kenya-collection in Finland. The collection will continue through the summer. The greatest demand is on sunglasses and reading glasses. The fruits of the... Read more

Wed, 24 Jun, 2009:

Napa on top of the world

Up to 95 per cent of the world’s shipbuilding uses software produced by the Finnish Napa companies. The company’s customers are all the world’s biggest shipyards, design offices, classification institutions and shipbuilding companies. The Napa... Read more

More and more immigrants choose the countryside

Immigrants, who have traditionally remained in the capital city region and other larger cities in Finland, move ever more frequently to the countryside. The location of domicile has surprisingly little significance in the social integration... Read more

Pirates Ahoy! Mauri Kunnas releases four books in China

The beloved Finnish author and illustrator, Mauri Kunnas has made a contract with a Chinese publisher. His books will be published as a series. The first four books, Pirates Ahoy! , One Spooky Night And Other Scary Stories , Good Night Mr... Read more

Benecol proven safe and effective also in larger usage

A recent international research reveals that using Benecol-products containing the cholesterol-lowering ingredient, plant stanol ester, is completely safe also when consumed in quantities several times above the recommended daily amount. It has... Read more

Mon, 22 Jun, 2009:

Finland the Guest of Honour at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair

Finland has been invited to be the guest of honour at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair. The Director Jürgen Boos, representing the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Finnish Literature Society and the Ministry of Education signed the agreements on the project... Read more

Smart Map guides tourists in Lappeenranta

A programme developed by a student of Lappeenranta University of Technology gives tourists current information on the city's services, sights and weather in several languages, reports the Finnish Broadcasting Company's regional service for South... Read more

Wed, 17 Jun, 2009:

ICT-sector positive about future

Companies in the ICT sector have a relatively positive view onto the current economic situation compared to many other business sectors. Expectations of large companies with over 250 employees are much less promising. The information was... Read more

Business speeds up for Ekovilla

Work continues, order volumes increase and product range widens in the former UPM factory workshop, despite the recession. Ekovilla, a Finnish company manufacturing thermal insulation from recycled newspaper, will launch a new range of soft... Read more

Brand new environmental solutions from Finland to Asia

The supplier of on-road load handling equipment and systems, Hiab has agreed on significant cooperation with Finnish Molok Ltd., the provider of waste deep-collection systems. Hiab is now the exclusive sales partner of Molok's deep collection... Read more

Spotify - affordable alternative to piratism

Online music service Spotify revolutionizes music distribution on the internet. The service, which has attracted already over a million users, offers legal and free access to a huge library of music.   Spotify can be operated through a... Read more

Konecranes delivers 90 industrial cranes to China

Konecranes will deliver an order of 90 heavy industrial cranes to the steel company Marcegaglia Ltd. in China's Yangzhou. The cranes will be installed and used in the client company's new steel pipe factory, which is still under construction.... Read more

Fintra trains young Russian business managers

Up to 80 young Russians will be trained in Finland by the end of 2010. The new element in the international cooperation initiated by the international business management training centre Fintra is to reciprocate the exchange by sending young... Read more

Mon, 15 Jun, 2009:

Giraffe’s footprint brings Namibia and Finland together

A project called ‘Giraffe’s Footprint’ by the Finnish-Namibian Society aims at informing youth about environmental problems and consumer habits though the example of handicraft. The project brings out the global effects of environmental... Read more

Matti Alahuhta receives ’European Manager of the Year 2009 Award’

Matti Alahuhta, the CEO of KONE has been presented the ”European Manager of the Year 2009 Award” by the European Business Press EBP. The award is presented annually to an influential professional chosen by members of the EBP. Alahuhta is... Read more

Sun, 14 Jun, 2009:

History’s first Sea Eagle nest in central Finland

The endangered White-tailed Sea Eagle has nested for the very first time in the Tavastia-region of central Finland. The nesting was reported by WWF’s Sea Eagle task force. The historical nest shelters two young eagles, which at the time of... Read more

Europa Nostra Grand Prize for Kesälahti Bell Tower

The Bell Tower of Kesälahti Church has been awarded with the European Union ‘Europa Nostra’ -award in Sicily. Europe Nostra is dedicated to bringing cultural heritage in the mainstream public consciousness. Its specific objectives are to promote... Read more

More and more exchange students choose Finland

The number of exchange students choosing Finland as their host country has increased significantly since the 1980s. The reason for this may be the high rating of Finland’s education system in the European-wide Programme for International Student... Read more

Fri, 12 Jun, 2009:

Martti Ahtisaari most significant international opinion leader and most admired Finnish man

Martti Ahtisaari is both, the most significant international opinion leader and the most admired man, reports Helsingin Sanomat on June 4th. Ahtisaari was chosen as the most important international opinion leader in a survey carried out by the... Read more

Protection for endangered Saimaa ringed seal

The south-western town of Sulkava, well-known for the annual Sulkava Rowing Race, has made an admirable effort to protect the Saimaa ringed seal, the only endemic mammal in Finland. The Saimaa ringed seal is among the most endangered seals in... Read more

EU commission allocates 50 billion Euros for rehabilitation of Baltic Sea

The central goals of the Baltic Sea strategy published by the European Commission are to make the Baltic Sea region more environmentally sustainable, prosperous, safe and accessible with functional transport. Over 50 billion Euros is invested in... Read more

Direct train from Finland to Central Europe

The dream of travelling by direct train from Finland all the way to Central Europe may be possible as soon as the future visions of the railway companies of Russia, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine become realized, writes website The... Read more

Finland supports vocational training for Kenyan youth

While vocational training gains in popularity in Finland it is also being promoted in international co-operation. Post-basic education and support services for young entrepreneurs stand out from the final report published recently by the... Read more

Finnish national sport breaks spectator records

Finnish baseball, known as pesäpallo or pesis, attracts wide audiences again this summer. According to the Finnish Pesäpallo Federation the men's early season matches have gathered together 42 per cent more spectators than in the previous... Read more

Thu, 11 Jun, 2009:

Kone elevators to Dubai’s Infinity Tower

Kone will deliver eight elevators for the new Infinity Tower in Dubai. Once the construction is finalized, the building will be the world's highest twisting sky scraper. Due to the unique architectural design, Infinity Tower's elevator shafts... Read more

Wed, 10 Jun, 2009:

Walking poles the new secret weapon of the Defence Forces

The Finnish Defence Forces intend to ameliorate the physical fitness of its recruits by taking on nordic walking. The army will supply each one of next year’s recruits a pair of walking poles. The first stage of the initiative will require the... Read more

Vaisala contributes to hurricane research in the US

Vaisala, a Finnish company manufacturing electronic measurement systems and equipment for meteorology and the environmental sciences, traffic safety, and industrial applications, will deliver next generation GSP dropsondes to the National... Read more

Dewaco purifies Shenzen’s sewage water

Dewaco Ltd, an innovative Finnish company specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment and solutions for sludge treatment in industries and municipalities, will supply 36 chain and flight type sludge and scum collector chains to the... Read more

Tue, 09 Jun, 2009:

Baltic Sea cruising increased in the spring

The spring brought a fair rise in the passenger numbers of the cruise ship companies operating in the Baltic Sea region. For instance the Helsinki-Tallinn cruises increased strongly in popularity in the first half of 2009. The passenger numbers... Read more

Finnish and Swedish contemporary art in 350 year old Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna Art Museum celebrated the Swedish National Day June 6th, with the opening of an extensive exhibition on contemporary art in Finland and Sweden. The exhibition is part of the commemoration for the year 1809, and it was opened by King... Read more

Mon, 08 Jun, 2009:

Finnish real estate buying power increased significantly

Nordea, one of Finland's leading banks, reports that the Finnish real estate buying power has increased significanctly in the first quarter of 2009. The reason for this growth is the decline in property prices and the lowered interest rates.... Read more

Footbalance to be launched in 5300 Intersport stores worldwide

Finnish Footbalance and Intersport International have signed a strategic partnership contract which covers 5300 stores in 35 countries. The contract supports both the image of Intersport as a top quality sports business chain and the... Read more

Vacon doubles its production in China

Vacon, the Finnish company manufacturing frequency converters will build a new factory in Suzhou, China. The extension will double the company's capacity in China. The factory, which will begin its production in the beginning of next year will... Read more

Thu, 04 Jun, 2009:

MP Minna Sirnö the sexiest and family-friendliest MEP-candidate

The Finnish Family Federation has invited the Finnish MEP candidates to take part in a survey on sexual and reproductive health issues. The playful survey resulted in choosing Finland's "sexiest" and family-friendliest candidate. Surprisingly,... Read more

Debut director Miika Soini awarded in Russia

Director Miika Soini has been awarded a Prize for the Best Director at the Zerkalo Film Festival in Russia. The prize for the best director is one of the festival's main awards. The leading actor of the movie is the much-loved Lasse Pöysti. The... Read more

Sara Pathirane wins Young Artists’ Competition

A first year student of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Sari Pathirane won the first prize in this year's Young Artists' Competition. The awarded artwork of the 23-year old artist was called TILA1: Moving towards a landscape. Pathirane... Read more

Iloq - brand new lock system to enter markets

The biggest problem in today's lock systems is the loss of keys, which may in some cases bring about major costs. Large housing cooperatives, hospitals or universities can have hundreds if not thousands of keys in constant use. The idea behind... Read more

Wed, 03 Jun, 2009:

Finnish-Russian trade expected to grow

Up to 32 per cent of the Finnish exporters, who took part in the Business Barometer for Russia 2009 expect trade to increase in the coming months. The Russian response to the same question was nearly exactly the same and 33 per cent of them... Read more

Alan Wake showcased in international E3 games event

The long awaited Finnish game 'Alan Wake' was showcased in the United States on Monday. The event took place at the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3, in Los Angeles. The Finnish game designer Remedy introduced its next smash hit computer game... Read more

Nokia’s Ovi Store to challenge Google and Microsoft

Nokia trusts that its recently opened online Store Ovi will develop into a real success story. Niklas Savander, the Head of Nokia Services, is assured that Ovi Store will gain a greater popularity than its competitors. Ovi Store is challenged... Read more

FIMECC expects 70 million Euros for launching new research

FIMECC Oy, Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster, will launch its first large-scale research programmes once the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes, has confirmed its funding for FIMECC’s ‘Innovations &... Read more

Tue, 02 Jun, 2009:

Organic tomatoes grow environmentally sustainably

The carbon footprint of the organic winter tomato is still small, since both of the two Finland’s organic tomato producers use bio-energy. Organic tomatoes are grown all year round in Finland. The quantity of harvested organic tomatoes is the... Read more

Three Finns out of four are content with their lives

A research carried out by Santander Consumer Finance reveals that despite the recession the Finnish people are exceptionally happy with their lives. The most important thing bringing contentment for the Finns is time spent with family and... Read more

Invest Tech Finland 2009 brings together technology investors

Invest Tech Finland 2009, which will be held in Innopoli in Espoo on June 9.-11., will bring together Finnish technology focused ventures, capital investors, funders as well as analytics and researchers involved in the field. The event will host... Read more

Russian tourists are welcomed to experience Finnish summer

An important holiday marketing event has been held at the popular northern Finnish skiing resort Vuokatti. The event, which took place in May, served a purpose of marketing northern Finland as an ideal summer resort for Russian and Ukrainian... Read more

Mon, 01 Jun, 2009:

Predictions for Finnish cancer patients improved significantly

A research carried out by Finnish Cancer Register reveals that the likelihood of recovery from cancer has increased significantly in the past five years. Finnish cancer patients' survival rate is exceptionally strong even according to... Read more

Third Prisma Superstore opened in St. Petersburg

SOK, a Finnish co-operative retail organisation, has opened a third Prisma Superstore in St. Peterburg, Russia. The supermarket is located in a busy office centre in the city's Moskovski neighbourhood. There are very few other grocery stores in... Read more