Fri, 29 May, 2009:

Every fourth programming company to hire new workforce

Companies within the programming industry have a much more optimistic outlook into their future than other small and medium businesses in Finland. One fourth of all companies in the programming industry are planning to recruit more workforce... Read more

Real estate service sector has employed thousands in 2009

Finnish real estate service sector has hired approximately 3000 new employees during the first quarter of 2009. The figures were revealed by a research carried out by Kiinteistöpalvelut ry, a member organization of the European Federation of... Read more

Thu, 28 May, 2009:

Paulig builds a new coffee roastery in Russia

Gustav Paulig Ltd. has made a decision to build a new coffee roastery in Tver, Russia. The implementation of the project was postponed last autumn due to the uncertain economic conditions in Russia. The plans for the implementation of the... Read more

Aava Books receives silver in IPPY Awards

The Finnish publishing company Aava Books Co. has won silver in the IPPY - Independent Publisher Awards with its book Attachments. The book, which was written in English took part in the competition within the category photography books/most... Read more

Wed, 27 May, 2009:

‘Hot in the City’ introduces a new way of creating social networks

VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, has developed a new networking method using NFC technology. The new ‘Hot in the City’-solution allows its users to create friendship networks by the touch of a NFC-phone. Several patents have been... Read more

The first Helsinki Global Chemicals Forum

Helsinki will receive an audience of chemistry specialists, who gather in Helsinki Conference Centre on 27th-29th of May.   For the first time academic researchers, politicians, non-governmental bodies, human interest groups and representatives... Read more

Iron Sky targets international film markets

Iron Sky is the forthcoming science fiction movie by the Tampere-based production company Energia. Energia became famous in 2005 by ’Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning’ - sci-fi parody, which was realized by a group of amateurs. Star Wreck has been a... Read more

Kone receives a major order from China

Kone was chosen to supply escalators for China’s national high-speed railway project. The project is known as the Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway and once completed it will link two major economic zones in China in approximately five hours. The... Read more

Cinemas started the year with excellent visitor numbers

Cinema chain Finnkino has started the new year with excellent visitor numbers. Finnkino cinemas have attracted over 1,8 million visitors from January to April 2009, which means that it has been Finnkino’s best period ever. There was a 15 per... Read more

Tue, 26 May, 2009:

Finnish invention scares geese away in Canada

The Finnish innovation, a falcon bird repeller scares away disruptive bird flocks all the way in America. The genuine looking plastic falcon which swings in the air in between a long pole and a cable wire drives unwanted birds off very... Read more

UPM plants trees around the world

Finland ’s leading forest product company UPM plants trees in Finland, China, Russia, Britain and the United States. In Finland and Britain the event has been timed to take place during the Environment Online, ENO-initiative’s Tree Planting Day... Read more

Reaktor Innovations ranks second in Best Job in Europe – research

A Helsinki-based programming company Reaktor Innovations has ranked second in the Best Job in Europe-research. The company is specialized in advanced information system projects and is already familiar with such success. Last year the company... Read more

Mon, 25 May, 2009:

Environmental issues crucial in EU elections

The most important task for the Finnish Euro Parliamentarians, MEPs, is to concentrate on environmental issues, say Finnish voters. A survey carried out by Taloustutkimus, an independent full service market research house operating in Finland,... Read more

Finnair opens a new route to Bergen

Finnair begins its summer flight season with a new route to Bergen, the second biggest city in Norway. The flights will continue until September 29th and are flown daily except on Wednesdays and Sundays. Finnair's Vice President for Route and... Read more

Fri, 22 May, 2009:

Crayfish stock revived in Finnish lakes

The traditional fishing of crayfish has been revived from a sleep of a hundred years. The active restocking of signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus), an American species indigenous to the Western United States, has resulted in growth of the... Read more

Cruise ships stop discharging sewage water into the Baltic Sea

European Cruise Council ECC, an umbrella organisation representing the leading cruise companies operating in Europe has informed the public of its intention of discontinue discharging sewage water into the Baltic Sea in accordance with some... Read more

Finnish technology launched into Space

European Space Agency (ESA) launched its Planck-satellite into the space in May. The purpose of the satellite is to investigate some of the unsolved mysteries of the universe with the most sensitive radio technology. Two radio receivers were... Read more

Finnish entrepreneurship on the rise

Early-stage entrepreneurial activity has increased significantly in Finland in the last five years, indicates the 2008 research of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). GEM surveys the entrepreneurial activity of 43 countries. The level of... Read more

Thu, 21 May, 2009:

Finnair launches brand new check-in system

Finnair has introduced a new-generation control system, which will be used in all processes connected with passenger check-in, aircraft load planning control and gate service. The Altéa Departure Control System has been developed by Amadeus.... Read more

Wed, 20 May, 2009:

Atria hires 750 seasonal employees

Atria Plc., one of Finland’s largest food processing companies is offering seasonal employment to approximately 750 extra employees this summer. The company’s production units are in Nurmo, Kauhajoki and Kuopio. A majority of the seasonal... Read more

Baltic Sea Action Summit 2010 aims to save the Baltic Sea

President of the Republic of Finland, Tarja Halonen, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and Chairman of the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) Ilkka Herlin launched their joint initiative, the Baltic Sea Action Summit 2010, on Tuesday, 19 May 2009. The... Read more

Tue, 19 May, 2009:

Largest design prize in the world awarded to the Finnish designer Harri Koskinen

The Röhsska Museum prize committee for the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize, which is donated by the Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg foundations, has decided to award the Finnish designer Harri Koskinen with this year’s prize of SEK 1,000,000.   A... Read more

EMMA receives the Museum Achievement of the Year Prize

The Finnish National Committee of the International Council of Museums, ICOM, has acknowledged the Espoo Museum of Modern Art with the Museum Achievement of the Year Prize. The award was based on the high quality and diverse exhibitions... Read more

Metsä Tissue upgrades it Mänttä factory

The Finnish Forest Industry brings about positive news. Metsä Tissue, which is a company well known for its tissue and cooking papers, will renew one of its paper machines of its Mänttä factory. The investment has been estimated to cost the... Read more

New sauna innovations welcome in Jyväskylä

The Finnish sauna culture is being productized in Jyväskylä. The project seeks to invent new and surprising service concepts around sauna. The initiative, which is put into practice by Jykes Ltd., the Centre for Tourism and Experience Production... Read more

Mon, 18 May, 2009:

Finnish youth let Fair Winds blow on their home towns

Korpilampi youth seminar, Nuorten Korpilampi 09, which was held last week has resulted in a positive new innovation, which aims to link youth all over Finland and provide them a say on important issues. The campaign is called ‘Fair Winds’,... Read more

EU brings healthy snacks to Finnish schools

European Union is designing a new School Fruit Scheme, which is intended to deliver fruits, berries and vegetables as break-time snacks for school children. The programme aims to promote healthy eating habits and to gain control of the... Read more

EU Enterprise Award to the Finnish Women’s Enterprise Agency

The Women’s Enterprise Agency has been awarded the European Enterprise Award. The award is based on the Finnish Agency’s mentoring programme, which is designed to encourage women to become independent entrepreneurs. The operation of the Women’s... Read more

Finnish Xiha Life world’s first multilingual online community

The Finnish-Chinese global web service Xiha Life - intends to challenge other popular online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. Xiha Life's strength over other similar online services is its multilingualism, bridging the gap... Read more

Fri, 15 May, 2009:

Youth bring out their voice in Korpilampi

Youth Korpilampi 09-seminar, which was held on Tuesday had about 260 participants. The enthusiastic youngsters attended workshops, which were organized by a group of Team Academics.  The workshops activated vivacious conversation. The young... Read more

International PulPaper 2010 brings together Forest Industry specialists

PulPaper 2010 will be held at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on 1-3 June 2010. The event is expected to turn out to be the largest meeting for the Pulp and Paper Industry worldwide. The conference programme revolves around the... Read more

Finnish expertise gets top marks

The Finnish people are very proud of the Finnish education. National sense of pride applies also to the safety and quality of Finnish products as well as local expertise. This information was discovered through a survey called ‘Finnish... Read more

Thu, 14 May, 2009:

EU reaches over 150 000 Europeans via online survey

A Helsinki-based company Fountain Park, a specialist in web services for proactive leadership, has carried out a European Union-wide online survey. The survey, which was implemented in six languages, has already had over 150 000 participants... Read more

Wed, 13 May, 2009:

Marine environment of Baltic Sea improving

According to the latest research the eutrophication, or the “plankton boom” of the Baltic Sea has slowly decreased in the 21st century. The amount of detrimental substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which are severely detrimental to the... Read more

Tue, 12 May, 2009:

Bakery expert Leipurin Ltd. expands to Ukraine

Leipurin Ltd, part of Aspo Group, has expanded its operations to Ukraine. The new operation unit is established in Kiev. Leipurin has also recently opened new offices also in Novosibirsk and Kazan in Russia.      Leipurin its bakery... Read more

Finnish researchers receive a significant international award

The academia professors Kari Alitalo from the University of Helsinki and Seppo Ylä-Herttuala from the University of Kuopio have received the international In Bev- Baillet Latour International Health Prize – science award. The prize has a value... Read more

Sami Hyypiä to join forces with Bayer Leverkusen

Sami Hyypiä has brought an end to a decade long association with Liverpool, and join the German Bundesliga at Bayer Leverkusen. The transfer will give Hyypiä at least two years of effective playing time. It is great news for Leverkusen, and also... Read more

Mon, 11 May, 2009:

Electronic letter is environmentally friendly

An electronic letter can produce half the amount of carbon emissions than a paper letter. The results are based on a research carried out by Itella Information, which compared the carbon dioxide emissions from the production and delivery of... Read more

Helsinki in the spotlight in Washington D.C.

Helsinki in the spotlight in Washington D.C. The Finnish Embassy in Washington D.C. brings Helsinki to experts and the wider public in the month of May. The exhibition gives its viewers a plenty of things to touch, feel and taste, providing a... Read more

Fri, 08 May, 2009:

Renewable energy to energize northern Finnish households

Ministry of Employment and the Economy has allocated 4.95 million Euro funding for Rovaniemi Energy. The northern Finnish company will use the money for building a new fuel terminal for harvesting forest residue. The funding supports the... Read more

Playful Finnish design on show in New York

Playful New Finnish Design- event introduces brand new design concepts by individual designers and companies. The event will be held on May 15-18th as part of the Meatpacking District Design 2009 -fair in Manhattan, New York. The exhibition will... Read more

New ice cream season starts in Finland

Ice cream hits the Finnish taste buds, reveals a new research by Ice Cream Manufacturer’s Association of Finland. Last year the consumption of ice cream reached nearly 70 million litres, which totals to about 13 litres per person. Finland is one... Read more

Thu, 07 May, 2009:

A better heart with a company bike

A company bike is an effective and easy way to get company employees to do exercise. A bike improves wellbeing and coping at work. – A company bike operates on the same principle as a company car, except that it is a cheaper and more... Read more

Wed, 06 May, 2009:

Outotec increases its input in new-generation steel recycling

Outotec has agreed with Finland-based Real Time Systems Ltd. on co-operation in the development of a new-generation measuring and regulating system for electric arc furnaces, which are used by steel mills in the production of steel from steel... Read more

Konecranes acquires a majority of Chinese Crane manufacturer

Konecranes, a Finnish, world-leading group providing lifting solutions as well as services for lifting equipment and machine tools, has signed an agreement to acquire the majority of the Chinese company Sanma, which is amongst the leading crane... Read more

Tue, 05 May, 2009:

UPM design competition brings innovative wooden architecture to Helsinki South Harbour

A WISA Wooden Design Hotel will be situated in Helsinki South Harbour during the summer. The wooden building won ‘WISA 24h Wooden Design Workshop’-competition in April. The contest was organized by UPM, one of the world’s leading forest industry... Read more

PowerPark aims to attract half a million visitors

PowerPark, the multi-activity amusement park in Alahärmä aims at attracting up to half a million visitors this summer. The amusement park, which has grown into a key tourism destination in the region, aims to increase its turnover by one and a... Read more

Okko Kamu to take charge of Lahti Symphony Orchestra

Lahti Symphony Orchestra has appointed Okko Kamu as its new chief conductor starting in the autumn of 2011, when Jukka-Pekka Saraste’s period as the orchestra’s artistic adviser will end. Okko Kamu (b. 1946) is a versatile Finnish musician, who... Read more

Helsinki to have its first floating residential area

The city of Helsinki is planning its first floating residential area. The development will be situated in front of Hermanni, in Verkkosaari. The area will accommodate approximately 60 apartments. Pontoons made of reinforced concrete will support... Read more

Mon, 04 May, 2009:

Glaston brings new technology to Finland

Glaston, a manufacturer of glass processing machinery has decided to improve its profitability by merging its trade activities and transferring its manufacturing processes to Finland and China. The company has factories already in five countries... Read more

Finnish research to reveal new information on the birth of the Universe

Finnish researchers and companies have a significant input in the development of satellites by the European Space Agency (ESA). Planck- and Herschel satellites have a purpose in shedding light onto the structure of the Universe, as well as... Read more