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Fri, 29 May, 2009:

Every fourth programming company to hire new workforce

Companies within the programming industry have a much more optimistic outlook into their future than other small and medium businesses in Finland. One fourth of all companies in the programming industry are planning to recruit more workforce within next year. Only one company out of a hundred considered there to be a need for reducing... Read more

Real estate service sector has employed thousands in 2009

Finnish real estate service sector has hired approximately 3000 new employees during the first quarter of 2009. The figures were revealed by a research carried out by Kiinteistöpalvelut ry, a member organization of the European Federation of Cleaning Industry EFCI. Companies offering cleaning, property maintenance and security and technical... Read more

Thu, 28 May, 2009:

Paulig builds a new coffee roastery in Russia

Gustav Paulig Ltd. has made a decision to build a new coffee roastery in Tver, Russia. The implementation of the project was postponed last autumn due to the uncertain economic conditions in Russia. The plans for the implementation of the project are complete and the transaction for buying the required plot of land has been effected. The... Read more

Aava Books receives silver in IPPY Awards

The Finnish publishing company Aava Books Co. has won silver in the IPPY - Independent Publisher Awards with its book Attachments. The book, which was written in English took part in the competition within the category photography books/most original concept. Attachments is the creation of the New Yorker gallerist and photographer Anne-Marie... Read more

Wed, 27 May, 2009:

‘Hot in the City’ introduces a new way of creating social networks

VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, has developed a new networking method using NFC technology. The new ‘Hot in the City’-solution allows its users to create friendship networks by the touch of a NFC-phone. Several patents have been applied for the knowhow of the application and it is accessible for instance via Facebook. NFC... Read more

The first Helsinki Global Chemicals Forum

Helsinki will receive an audience of chemistry specialists, who gather in Helsinki Conference Centre on 27th-29th of May.   For the first time academic researchers, politicians, non-governmental bodies, human interest groups and representatives of industries get together in Helsinki to discuss global environmental challenges and the role of... Read more

Iron Sky targets international film markets

Iron Sky is the forthcoming science fiction movie by the Tampere-based production company Energia. Energia became famous in 2005 by ’Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning’ - sci-fi parody, which was realized by a group of amateurs. Star Wreck has been a great success and it has been donwloaded online nearly 9 million times. Iron Sky portrays runaway... Read more

Kone receives a major order from China

Kone was chosen to supply escalators for China’s national high-speed railway project. The project is known as the Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway and once completed it will link two major economic zones in China in approximately five hours. The project began in April 2008 and is being undertaken by China’s Ministry of Railways. Once... Read more

Cinemas started the year with excellent visitor numbers

Cinema chain Finnkino has started the new year with excellent visitor numbers. Finnkino cinemas have attracted over 1,8 million visitors from January to April 2009, which means that it has been Finnkino’s best period ever. There was a 15 per cent growth in visitor numbers and nearly 240 000 more cinema viewings than at the same point in time... Read more

Tue, 26 May, 2009:

Finnish invention scares geese away in Canada

The Finnish innovation, a falcon bird repeller scares away disruptive bird flocks all the way in America. The genuine looking plastic falcon which swings in the air in between a long pole and a cable wire drives unwanted birds off very effectively. The plastic falcon has been designed by Antero Mäkilaakso from Espoo. Kari Wilander, the Finnish... Read more

UPM plants trees around the world

Finland ’s leading forest product company UPM plants trees in Finland, China, Russia, Britain and the United States. In Finland and Britain the event has been timed to take place during the Environment Online, ENO-initiative’s Tree Planting Day on May 22nd. In Finland the school children taking part in the initiative are invited to forests... Read more

Reaktor Innovations ranks second in Best Job in Europe – research

A Helsinki-based programming company Reaktor Innovations has ranked second in the Best Job in Europe-research. The company is specialized in advanced information system projects and is already familiar with such success. Last year the company ranked highest in the whole of Europe. Earlier this year Reaktor Innovations was awarded the winning... Read more

Mon, 25 May, 2009:

Environmental issues crucial in EU elections

The most important task for the Finnish Euro Parliamentarians, MEPs, is to concentrate on environmental issues, say Finnish voters. A survey carried out by Taloustutkimus, an independent full service market research house operating in Finland, investigated the priorities of the Finnish people in the 2009 elections of the European Parliament.... Read more

Finnair opens a new route to Bergen

Finnair begins its summer flight season with a new route to Bergen, the second biggest city in Norway. The flights will continue until September 29th and are flown daily except on Wednesdays and Sundays. Finnair's Vice President for Route and Strategy Planning, Petteri Kostermaa says that the main reason for the opening of a summer route to... Read more

Fri, 22 May, 2009:

Crayfish stock revived in Finnish lakes

The traditional fishing of crayfish has been revived from a sleep of a hundred years. The active restocking of signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus), an American species indigenous to the Western United States, has resulted in growth of the stock and now enables even commercial crayfish fishing. For instance in Pyhäjärvi-lake in Säkylä... Read more
Showing 1-15/51 articles from May 2009