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Thu, 30 Apr, 2009:

This Works! -competition introduces children to the fascinating world of technology

This works! -technology competition is aimed towards primary grades from 1 to 6. The competition, which was initiated by the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries FFTI offers teachers an excellent way for interdisciplinary and integrative education, where the creativity and innovativeness of the children is greatly encouraged. The... Read more

Finland installs new 4G mobile networks

The Finnish government has allocated extra frequencies to telecom firms TeliaSonera,  Elisa, and DNA for the installation of new, fourth generation (4G) mobile communications networks. The frequencies were allocated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and are located in the 1,800 megahertz band. This means that Finland will be the... Read more

Tue, 28 Apr, 2009:

Finnish dog tracking devices in worldwide distribution

Tracker Inc., an Oulunsalo based manufacturer of dog tracking devices, has signed a remarkable contract with the leading brand in the field, SportDOG. The well known American company is under the wings of the pet accessory giant, Radio System Corporation. Tracker Inc. is specialised in tracking and telemetry devices, also focusing on... Read more

Mon, 27 Apr, 2009:

Major facelift to Helsinki Olympic Stadium

The Ministry of Education has allocated its all-time biggest funding, 27,5 million Euros, for building sports facilities in the country. Almost 20 million Euro funding was based on the usual subsection of the Ministry's sport policy and is aimed towards building and facilitating sports and sport promoting activities. Furthermore, 8,3 million... Read more

Research: Finland provides for its children

A recent research carried out by University of York has carried out a screening of child wellbeing in Europe. Finland did very well for its children and ranked fifth. The European-wide research was based on data from 2006 and included 27 European Union countries. Also Norway and Iceland were included in the research. The research commissioned... Read more

Finns keen on recycling bottles

The system of deposits paid on returned packages has proven to be very successful in Finland. In 2008 the Finnish people returned 94 percent of the bottles and cans belonging to the system. The information was recovered from the National statistics and compiled by Pirkanmaa Environmental Centre. All of these beverage packages are re-used or... Read more

Marimekko design takes the world by storm

Marimekko design, a leading Finnish textile and clothing designer, has established a strong foothold around the world. In the beginning of April Marimekko took over one of its concepts stores and opened its own retail outlet in London. Marimekko places importance on being in direct contact with its markets and customers. Having a store of its... Read more

Fri, 24 Apr, 2009:

New Ecological Maternity Package for 2009

Kela, the Social Security Institution of Finland, has published its new maternity package. This time the contents of the package have been chosen from an ecological range of products, which can be seen even in its outer packaging. The box in which the baby supplies are delivered to the new families is also functional as a first cradle. It is... Read more

Plug-in hybrid from Finland breaking through in the USA

The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sports car will have its grand entrée in the U.S. in November. It will be the first rechargeable hybrid car on the American car market. The hybrid will be manufactured in Finland. Production will start at the end of the year and take place in the southwestern harbour town of Uusikaupunki. The hybrid will be on... Read more

Helsinki District heating gains international renown

The Times has recently published an article on the district heating system of Helsinki. It was described as the " world's most sophisticated coal-fired central heating system", being functional and energy efficient. Robin Pagnamenta , the Times journalist, describes the district heating system as ideal for an environment, where winter... Read more

Bella Boats on Sunny Seas

Bella Boats, a boat manufacturer based in the heart of the eastern Finnish lake region, in Kuopio, has recently received over hundred new orders. The company was happy to re-employ the staff it had laid off from work due to the financial crisis. - There is a ray of hope. The situation seems to unravel itself. For instance there seems to be a... Read more

Tue, 21 Apr, 2009:

Gold production to double in Finland

The persistent high price of gold has encouraged international companies to search for gold also in Finland. The Kittilä gold mine has become the biggest goldmine in Europe and a new open-pit mine will be opened in the summer at Jokisivu, in the southwestern town of Huittinen. Following Jokisivu mine, the next mining sites are likely to be in... Read more

Helsinki favorite in Europe among entrepreneurs

Helsinki is the new chosen favorite among entrepreneurs in Europe. This was revealed at the end of March with the newest ECER Banque Populaire barometer of entrepreneurship in Europe. The study was conducted in 37 major European cities and nearly 2,400 small-business leaders were questioned. Entrepreneurs have given their opinion on their... Read more

International prestige to Finnish iPhone game

Zen Bound, an acclaimed Finnish iPhone-game has attracted international interest in contests and media all over the world. The game has been praised for instance for its originality and aesthetics. Amongst many acknowledgements, the game has won the rare platinum award of mobile phone game oriented website 'Pocket Gamer'. Zen Bound received... Read more

Tue, 14 Apr, 2009:

Finland receives over 100 billion Euros for developing Green Technology

EU has decided to allocate a third of its regional politics budget of 2007-2013 for supporting the growth of green economy. This amounts up to 105 billion Euros. The goal is to generate employment and encourage the establishment of new, environmentally aware companies. Out of the total funding of promoting "green employment", 54 billion Euros... Read more
Showing 1-15/21 articles from April 2009