Good News from Tue, 01 November, 2011:

Wärtsilä powers Saudi Arabian vessels

The RT-Flex engines provide smokeless operation at all speeds The RT-Flex engines provide smokeless operation at all speeds

Wärtsilä has won the contract to supply the engines and propulsion equipment for six new Ro-Ro container vessels being built for NSCSA, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia.

The ships are being built at the MIPO shipyard in South Korea, and when launched will be operated by Mideast Ship Management, a subsidiary company of NSCSA.

 The environmental sustainability and reduced operating costs of the integrated Wärtsilä propulsion solution were major factors in Wärtsilä winning this order, says Ibrahim Behairy, Director, Merchant Sales, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

The  package for each of the six ships includes Wärtsilä RT-flex58T engines, controllable pitch propellers, and the Wärtsilä Energopac system.

RT-Flex engines are capable of extremely low and stable running speeds, which makes them suitable for container vessels which are often operated at slow steaming speeds to save fuel.

The Energopac system is an integrated propulsion and manoeuvring solution which offers operators the opportunity to save fuel and reduce emissions.

The orders for these various items have been booked on an incremental basis, the last one being the Energopac order, which was signed in September.

Delivery of the equipment for the first vessel is scheduled for May 2012, and the vessels are slated for delivery from the shipyard in 2013 and 2014.