Good News from Fri, 30 September, 2011:

Valmet creates jobs and awaits Russian order

More staff are needed to cope with ramped up production. More staff are needed to cope with ramped up production.

Russian media says Marussia Motors has asked Finnish car maker Valmet Automotive to produce 300 sports cars a year at its plant in Uuskaupunki.

The news comes just days after Valmet said it was hiring 200 new workers to cope with growing demand for the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid car.
The factory currently employs about 850 people.

Marussia Motors President Nikolia Fomenko told reporters at the
International Investment Forum in Sochi that he hopes Valmet will launch full assembly of the sports utility vehicles next spring.

In a separate interview with the Voice of Russia, Fomenko explained why his company selected Valmet.

— Valmet has a huge experience in car assembly. We chose them because there are the closest to us geographically. Secondly, our current facility does not have enough capacity to execute all the orders we have received.

Meanwhile, Valmet says extra staff are needed for the Fisker Karma both on the production and administrative side.

— We have positions available especially on the car assembly line, but also in the paint shop and in the logistics operations, says Valmet Automotive Executive Vice President Risto Hukkanen in a press release.