Good News from Wed, 22 June, 2011:

Vaahto to deliver pulpers to China and modernize head boxes in Poland

Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery has announced two major new agreements.  The company will supply five pulpers to the Stora Enso Narew site in Ostroleka in Poland where a new board production line is being built as well as modernizing three head boxes for Henan Zinhai Paper Co., China.

The pulpers will handle the broke and waste produced on the new production line and will reproduce fibre material which can be fed back to the stock preparation and further on to the board machine itself as raw material.

To date Vaahto has delivered a total of 95 pulpers so that their hundredth machine will be delivered to Ostroleka in the Spring of 2012.  Most of the machines are produced at the company’s Hollola plant.

Henan Xinhai Paper Co., Ltd will transfer a Tampella board machine delivered in the 1990s to a new mill site in Henan province, China. 

Vaahto will service all three head-boxes from the board machines at their Hollola plant during 2011.  The middle layer of the folding boxboard machine will be re-fitted  with dilution control equipment.  This will improve the cross-directional profile and the production speed as well as significantly improved the end result.