Good News from Tue, 17 April, 2012:

UPM launches green food wrappings range

UPM has the food market wrapped up UPM has the food market wrapped up

UPM has launched a new ecological paper range designed for both dry and greasy foodstuffs.

The company says the barrier properties of its UPM SwanBarrier papers, such as water vapour barrier and medium grease resistance, have been achieved without any PE-coating or fluorochemicals and therefore they are fully recyclable and biodegradable.  

Because of the water vapour barrier UPM SwanBarrier light keeps bread fresh for at least two to three days, the company says. Unlike plastic the paper breathes, preventing the bread from going soggy.

UPM SwanBarrier with medium level greaseproof keeps greasy food wrapping tidy and the grease does not leak through, the company adds.

With this barrier paper range we want to answer customers’ needs for a recyclable and biodegradable packing material, says Timo Lehmuskallio, Product Manager, UPM Packaging papers.

We also wanted to make a barrier paper with existing barrier paper properties without using non-degradable components.  

Until now, food wrappings which need barrier have been made either of plastic or paper and plastic composites. The UPM SwanBarrier range is made of one hundred per cent recyclable raw material – wood.

Another ecologically advantageous feature is the papers’ production in an online process. This eliminates the intermediate transportation between mill and converter and so reduces the overall carbon footprint of the end product.