Good News from Tue, 07 August, 2012:

Transfluent launches mobile apps translation service

Transfluent translates apps at the at the start of the development cycle Transfluent translates apps at the at the start of the development cycle

Helsinki-based startup Transfluent has launched a service for easy translation of mobile applications developed for Apple’s iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, into multiple languages.

The Transfluent API for Apps is the world’s first professional language translation service which can be embedded directly into the application build process.

This means that every time the developer makes changes to the application, all of the different language versions also get updated at the same time.

The traditional way to translate applications into multiple languages is to finish the app and towards the end of the development cycle, send all the texts to translators.  

The Transfluent API shortens the time-to-market, increases the quality of the localised versions and lowers the cost of maintaining the multiple language versions.

Transfluent uses a network of more than 15,000 professional translators in over 60 languages.

Each translation task is assigned to two independent translators. One does the translation and another proofreads the text. The API helps the developer specify context for the translation task, including screenshots taken from the application.

Developing the app and testing it in multiple languages throughout the process guarantees that the localised versions work and feel as native as the original, says Jani Penttinen, founder and CEO of Transfluent.

Transfluent keeps track of the previous translations so that only changes and additions are translated.  

Transfluent has translated apps for the likes of Haave Inc., Recoil, Non-Stop Games and Kapu Toys.